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Neurodiversity speakers cover neurological conditions such as: autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Tourette’s, epilepsy and many more.

Our Neurodiversity speakers talk about the strengths and challenges of being neurodiverse in day to day life, in public, schools, in the workplace and help reduce stigma around learning and thinking differences. 

Looking to book a Neurodiversity Speaker for your next event? Take a look at some of our speakers below!

Ellie Middleton is an autistic and ADHD creator, speaker, writer, consultant and founder of the (un)masked community for neurodivergents.

After a lifetime of feeling misunderstood, she was diagnosed with both Autism Spectrum Condition and ADHD at the age of 24.

Since then, Ellie has gone on to build an audience of over 300,000 people online, create the (un)masked community for neurodivergents, and work with global brands like The Independent, Google & LinkedIn to change the narrative on neurodiversity.

Alex Partridge is a mental health advocate, pioneer of social media content and founder of UNILAD & LADBible.
Alex Partridge is one of the pioneers of social media content the way we know it today. At age 21, he founded UNILAD and LADBible, two of the most popular social news and entertainment Internet companies in the world with an astonishing following of 100 million people around the globe.
At 34 years old, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and has quickly become a leading voice on social media around neurodiversity.
Hester Grainger is a former TV presenter turned BBC radio presenter, freelance writer, neurodiversity speaker and workplace consultant. Having been diagnosed with ADHD in her forties, she is a leading advocate for awareness and acceptance of ADHD, autism and neurodiversity.
As well as running Perfectly Autistic, a neurodiversity workplace consultancy with her husband, Hester is also a speaker and certified ADHD coach. She has spoken to a host global brands and organisation about the being diagnosed with ADHD in her forties and the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace.
Matt Gupwell is an enigmatic speaker, expert communicator and respected Neurodiversity awareness consultant and advocate.
For 15 years Matt Gupwell has immersed himself in studying, advocating for and supporting Neurodivergent people of all ages. He combines storytelling and anecdotes from his own experiences of living undiagnosed with 3 conditions with the latest research and the shared experiences of the hundreds of people he’s helped. Matt Gupwell’s mission is to educate, inspire and to encourage everyone to take positive action to support Neurodivergent people at all times.
Harley Street therapist, Neurodiversity Coach and Founder of Wired Differently, a social impact company creating products and services for Autistic and ADHD people.
Sara is neurodivergent herself and works with professionals and entrepreneurs in areas as diverse as therapy, coaching and health as well as training, employability, workplace inclusion and health tech. A former disability and employment specialist, Sara is keen to communicate the challenges of being neurodivergent and how organisations can be genuinely inclusive, through a mix of education and compassion.

Kelly Grainger is a leading advocate for awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity, having been formally diagnosed as autistic at 44 and with ADHD at 45.

Having worked successfully for 23 years in corporate settings with the likes of PepsiCo, Merlin Entertainments and News International before his diagnosis, Kelly is now travelling the country as a speaker sharing how businesses can be more accepting of neurodiversity. Kelly is the co-founder of Perfectly Autistic, which he launched with his wife Hester after both he and his children were diagnosed as autistic and then with ADHD. 

Nina Jackson
Education Consultant, Apple Teacher, Book Creator Ambassador, Author & Speaker who is putting the ‘fizz’ back into classrooms.
After hearing Nina’s own personal story and the amazing strategies she has employed to overcome the very worst experiences in life, you’ll then understand how she has managed to help so many people and why she is known as ‘The Ninja, who moves in mysterious ways’. She has a particular gift of working with SEND, Gifted and Talented and engaging disaffected learners. Her training courses on all aspects of Learning and Teaching always leave educationalists wanting more – she is in high demand for working with teachers, students and educationalists alike.
Ruby Wax is a comedienne, keynote Speaker, mental health speaker and awards host, TV personality, actor and has been an active voice in the battle against mental illness.
She facilitates workshops and presents keynotes which focus on neuroscience, communication, and leadership. She effortlessly combines humour with heavy and important topics. Her keynotes are captivating and informative.
Ruby Wax is upfront, sassy and with a reputation for posing questions no one else would think to ask.

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