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Martine Wright MBE

FEE : £3k – £5k+
Martine Wright MBE - 7/7 survivor, Paralympic athlete, Martine Wright is an international Inspirational and motivatio...

Clarke Carlisle

FEE : £3k – £5k,
£5k – £10k+
Former professional Footballer, Clarke Carlisle delivers an honest and moving account of his battles with depression ...

Ruby Wax

FEE : £5k – £10K,
£10k – £20k+
Ruby Wax is a comedienne, keynote Speaker, mental health speaker and awards host.

Hayley Barnard

FEE : £3k – £5k+
Expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership

Maggie Alphonsi MBE

FEE : £1k – £3k+
England Rugby World Cup Winner Inspirational Speaker

Will Njobvu

FEE : £1k – £3k, £3k – £5k+
Will Njobvu is a TV/radio presenter and public speaker on mental health, diversity, inclusion and racial equality.

Ellie Middleton

FEE : £3k – £5k+
Ellie Middleton is an autistic and ADHD creator, speaker, writer, consultant and founder of the (un)masked community...

Jeffrey Pfeffer

FEE : £20k+
Jeffrey Pfeffer is considered one of the foremost authorities on organisational behaviour education.

Sarah Furness

FEE : £3k – £5k+
Former Combat helicopter pilot and Keynote speaker. Helping leaders to perform and thrive "under fire"

Dame Kelly Holmes

FEE : £10k-£20k+
Motivational and Inspirational Speaker – Double Olympic Gold Medallist

Elizabeth Wright

FEE : £1k-3k+
Elizabeth Wright is an Australian Paralympic Medallist with a drive to help people be a better disability ally.

Tom Bilyeu

FEE : £20k+
Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition, Co-Founder and CEO, Impact Theory