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Sally Gunnell OBE

FEE : £5k – £10k+
Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European as well as the World record, Sport Commentator. Build a happier, healthier ...

Caspar Craven

FEE : £3k – £5k,
£5k – £10k+
British Entrepreneur, Adventure, Speaker on leadership, teamwork and resilience to business audiences

John Peters

FEE : £1k – £3k,
£3k – £5k+
Former RAF Pilot and Gulf War POW, Best-selling author, performance coach and writer

Gail Muller

FEE : £1k – £3k+
Gail Muller is an adventurer, seasoned speaker, educator and bestselling author.

Enda O’Doherty

FEE : £1k – 3
3k – 5k+
Endurance athlete and inspiring speaker who has taken on some of the worlds toughest challenges

Hayley Barnard

FEE : £3k – £5k+
Expert on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership

Colin MacLachlan

FEE : £1k – £3k,
£3k – £5k+
Star of Channel Four’s captivating reality TV drama SAS: Who Dares Wins and Channel 5’s ‘Secrets of the SAS’, is an o...

Rachel Colenso

FEE : £1k – £3k,
£3k – £5k+
Extraordinary female adventurer, British SAS Special Forces – decision making, teamwork and risk management

Alex Alley

FEE : £1k – £3k+
Inspirational speaker, world record sailor and author

Andy Mouncey

FEE : £1k – £3k+
Provides inspiration and support to make the complex and intimidating seem simple and compelling

Jenny Pacey

FEE : £1k – £3k+
International athlete, Gladiator, Presenter, Fitness Celebrity & Wonder Woman Amazon

Mark Colbourne

FEE : £1k – £3k
£3k – £5k+
Paralympic Gold Medallist and Motivational Speaker
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