Speaker Updates - September 2022

September is always a busy month for us – but this one tops the chart! 
We have started working with lots of new speakers (new to us, not new to the world of speaking!) which means I get to do what brings me joy – speak to lots of inspirational people and find the perfect events for them to speak at.

I have been growing our connections with speaker coaches, videographers and showreel creators, so that we can help speakers – either new to the market, or speakers looking to ‘level up’ as and when they need this.

Claire Rackham

Claire Rackham

Inspirational Speakers Manager

New Speakers

steve hill

Steve Hill MBE is an award winning teacher, adventurer, charity founder, motivational speaker and bestselling author of ‘What’s Next Sir?’

For more than a decade, alongside his teaching commitments, Steve’s life has been one long high-lights reel of adventure.

Through his motivational talks Steve takes his audience on an inspiring journey as he shares his amazing adventures and the things he has learned along the way about life, about self-doubt, about overcoming challenges and about growth but above all about following your dreams.

Writer, speaker, comedian, broadcaster & photographer. LGBT & mental health campaigner. Hon Doctor of Letters. RAF veteran. Self harm and suicide survivor. 13th most influential figure in Brighton, apparently… oh, and transgender.

Sophie became the first transgender woman to work in football’s Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition from Steve to Sophie in the summer of 2015.

She discusses the fear of change and how we can reframe our experience of fear to enable us to reach our potential, lessons she learnt on the painful road through loss to her ultimate redemption.

Michelle Elman

Author, speaker, body confidence coach and founder of Mindset for Life.

Michelle began her career as a five-board accredited life coach when she established Mindset For Life in 2014.

Michelle can be described as a passionate and vocal individual, which has landed her many appearances on TV and Radio worldwide. Michelle has been on Sky News, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio London and Loose Women sharing her expert opinions. Most recently, she coached Emily Atack on her series “Adulting” on W channel around her insecurities, as well as appearing on Geordie OGs discussing online bullying and the impact it has on mental health.

Barjis Chohan

Barjis Chohan is a pioneer in modest fashion, a social entrepreneur and a professional keynote speaker.

Barjis Chohan story could have been the typical immigrant story; parents pushing for medicine as a career, cultural and a traditional upbringing. There is nothing wrong in the conventional immigrant story that we know. However, what makes Barjis’s story interesting is that she turned the other way. Forged a career in the elitist Fashion industry; decided not to go to medical school; instead enrolled at London College of Fashion


Speaker, author and coach empowering leaders and organisations to create highly connected relational cultures with children and people at the heart of everything they do.

Mark is a natural speaker and this is not confined to just the stage, but into his innovative work alongside organisations nationally and internationally.

He is also author of a number of best-selling, critically acclaimed books including; ‘Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice’.

Alienor Salmon

Aliénor Salmon was working as a happiness researcher at the UN, until she realised that she was unhappy, and decided to leave everything behind to dance around the world.

Aliénor Salmon is a Franco-British author, speaker, and expert on happiness, education and socio-emotional development.

Through her work, she seeks to help others incorporate happiness science into their daily life and work by exploring their values, habits and beliefs, and creating a roadmap to design a life of fulfilment, meaning and purpose.

Her mission is to help others lead happier lives, happier work, happier schools and a happier world.

This Months Testimonials

Featured Testimonial

Best-selling author, motivational speaker, business consult, life strategist, expert on human behaviour, performance, leadership and personal and professional development.

Pete Cohen is one of the worlds most sought-after keynote speakers and business coaches to organisations around the world.

He is an expert on human behaviour, performance, leadership and personal and professional development

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been motivated and inspired by Pete’s presentations.

Pete coaches business leaders, executives, corporate teams and sporting stars to achieve their best. Pete excels at keynote presentations and inspires his audiences to think outside the box, believe in themselves and get motivated to take positive actions.

Books of the Month

CHARRED: A survivor speaks her truth to inspire - Andreena Leeanne

‘Think of a piece of wood that has been exposed to the flames. You may think of it as damaged – and it’s true it has been burnt and blackened – but it is still resilient, and much stronger after going through this process. Think of me as a piece of charred wood.’

Andreena Leeanne book

TEAM SPIRIT - Brendan Hall

Life and Leadership on one of the worlds toughest yacht races.

A compelling story of a race on the edge and a team’s crash-course in working and collaborating through change and uncertainty.

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