Black History Month

Black History Month speakers draw on their powerful stories and insights to spark discussions, share practical advice and leave a lasting impression at Black History Month events.

First launched in London in 1987, Black History Month was created to challenge racism and to celebrate black culture and the lives of black people who have done remarkable things for all around the world.

It has since grown into a national event that is celebrated annually throughout the month of October.

Black History Month is an annual celebration that draws attention to the vital need for representation, identity and diversity in positions of power, the workplace and beyond.

Schools and Universities across the country put on classes to teach Black History while businesses often hold events used to educate their workforce and help improve inclusivity across their organisations.

One of the best ways to celebrate Black History Month is by inviting experts to come speak to your employees.

We have championed just a few of our black history month speakers below…

CEO and Founder of AVision for Empowerment CIC, Inspirational TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Master Transformational Coach and Humanitarian.

Avrit’s robust belief in the potential of all people and in the importance of self belief also has led her to work with school and community groups, the unemployed and even those well along in their careers who want to get greater satisfaction out of their working lives.

Avril has a strong belief that everyone can achieve success regardless of their past and that when you believe in yourself there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Rendering impactful thought leadership and persuasive research-based oratory in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.

Sam Kusi is a Motivational Keynote Speaker rendering impactful thought leadership and persuasive research-based oratory in the field of Diversity & Inclusion, as well as it’s next of kin – Unconscious Bias.

Sam believes that the scarcity of diversity, particularly in senior executive positions of influence, is detrimental to both revenue streams and best practice approaches to business.

Andreena Leeanne is a Self-Employed Lived Experience Speaker, Writing Workshop Facilitator, Poet & Author of CHARRED: A survivor speaks her truth to inspire, a collection of poems published by Team Angelica in October 2020 and shortlisted for a Polari First Book Prize in 2021.

Andreena has created a variety of 45 minute presentations + Q&A which she delivers to corporate organisations, colleges and secondary schools on authenticity, intersectionality, equity, equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging from a lived experience perspective.

Former Olympic Athlete and Inspirational Speaker. From the athletics track to the Boardroom, Donna has over 20 years’ experience as international athlete, a successful businesswoman and is a breast cancer survivor.

Her journey within these spheres has inspired her to share her story which coupled with her warm and charismatic style captivate diverse audiences from a young aspiring athlete to a CEO who is driving for organisational success to ‘believe and achieve’.

Donna is now an international speaker, strategist, and charity ambassador, and dedicates much of her time to working in Business, Sport, and the charity sector to inspire and embed inclusive and diverse cultures.

Alison was born in South Africa and educated around Africa and in Ireland and the UK. Both her mum and aunts were all teachers, so although she didn’t always think she would be a teacher it was inevitable that she would find herself studying teaching at North London University.

Since then, Alison has worked in several schools, led two schools and has experienced all the education-related challenges and joys you can imagine. Alison set up a new school, turned around a failing school, supported a range of schools and educators and worked to transform the lives of thousands of children.

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