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Ellis Stewart Inspirational Speaker 

Ellis Stewart  The  Everest Dream  One Dream One Chance One Life!

Ellis J Stewart became an unlikely inspiration to thousands of followers on social media when in 2014 and again in 2015 he witnessed and survived the two worst disasters in the history of Mount Everest climbing whilst attempting to reach the summit of the mountain himself.  Nobody could have anticipated that Ellis Stewart  would have the rug pulled out from beneath his feet, not once but twice in back to back attempts. Ellis Stewart's resolve and sheer determination to reach the mountain in the first place was without a doubt a feat in itself. Having dreamed about climbing the mountain for 30 years he finally got the chance in 2014, after a life of preparation and a never give in mentality.  The events that followed were unparalleled in Everest mountaineering.

Ellis Stewart admits that through his Everest journey he accidentally stumbled into public speaking but has since relished the opportunities to share his story with all manner of organizations and groups.  To date Ellis Stewart has delivered keynote talks to large IT expos, Outdoors festivals and EDF energy during an away day event to name just a few and has received some truly outstanding testimonials. 

During a live talk Ellis Stewart delivers on the following topics, which he interweaves around his experiences on Everest.

Resilience and overcoming danger and misfortune.

The power of passion and mindset 

Creativity – achievement with limited resources 

Risk management 

Surviving an avalanche – what goes through the mind at the point of a near death experience

Bouncebackability – Recovering from setback and getting straight back in the driving seat. 

Its not about the end result, it's the journey that counts and shapes us

Ellis Stewart is now available  to share his amazing story with schools and business- Be amazed and Inspired  

Ellis Stewart  Inspirational Speaker 

Ellis Stewart Inspirational Speaker 

Ellis Stewart -  The  Everest Dream  One Dream One Chance One Life!

Ellis Stewart currently resides in the north east of England with his wife and two young daughters. For a day job he runs a sports merchandise company supplying event apparel to running events and other adventure-based activities. 

In 2006 Ellis Stewart graduated at Teesside University with a 1st class honors degree in e-Business and promptly set about the creation of his business. 

For over 20 years Ellis Stewart harbored a very real and often obsessive goal to scale the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.  Ellis had the dedication and the drive in abundance but could never quite muster the enormous financial outlay required to climb the mountain.  Consequently he missed out on expeditions in 2002, 2003, 2007 2012 and 2013 falling short of the funds required. Not to be deterred Ellis Stewart tried again for 2014, and this time through a combination of a few entrepreneurial initiatives and a large following of supporters on social media he was able to finally leave for Nepal in March 2014 with the goal of climbing the south-east ridge route of the mountain.  

Ellis Stewart was able to take his place on the expedition in large part due to the success of an Everest themed clothing brand, which Ellis launched, designed and marketed and produced. Everest Dream – One Dream One Chance One Life became a huge online hit and Ellis Stewart sold thousands of unique t-shirts and hooded tops to people all across the planet. 

Unfortunately during this attempt after 19 days of trekking to reach the mountain an avalanche claimed the lives of sixteen Sherpa guides one day ahead of Ellis on the mountain and put an end to all climbing on Everest, an unprecedented event. Ellis Stewart returned home shell shocked and devastated at the loss of the goal without stepping foot on the mountain. 

In 2015 Ellis Stewart was able to rally and return instantly to the mountain for one more try, thanks to another herculean fund-raising effort and more sales of the Everest Dream clothing range.  Little did Ellis Stewart and the rest of the world realize that lightning was about to strike twice. Once more Ellis Stewart would be caught up in events outside his control as another unprecedented disaster swept down the mountain.  This time Ellis was inadvertently caught up in the Nepal Earthquake and narrowly survived a devastating avalanche on Everest. Over 35 people died on Everest in the two years Ellis Stewart made his attempts including 3 members of his own Nepali support team on April 25th.

Ellis Stewart uses these experiences on Everest as the basis by which he delivers a highly engaging and inspirational tale of hope over adversity and tragedy. 

He has shared this story and the core messages to various backgrounds and corporate audiences. 

Ellis Stewart is not a professional mountaineer who routinely visits the Himalaya to climb. He was a pretty unlikely fellow from a non-traditional climbing background who just simply harbored a big dream to reach the roof of our planet. 

It took 20 years for Ellis Stewart to finally have an attempt on Everest after rigorously pursuing this goal with complete focus and determination. Ellis Stewart was abilty to self-fund the almost $100,000 needed to enable him to make the two back-to-back attempts on the mountain. This was done almost entirely without corporate assistance or sponsorship.

Ellis Stewart  is currently writing a book entitled Everest – It’s not about the summit, which is due to be published in Autumn 2016. 

Ellis Stewart  is now sharing his story to schools and corporate organisation  - Be Inspired!

Ellis Stewart  Inspirational Speaker 

 We were looking for a speaker who not only had an interesting story tell, but who would also be able to weave our objectives and themes for the day into an engaging presentation.  Ellis Stewart exceeded our expectations on both counts!

 Ellis captivated the audience with his life-long ambition and tales of his dedication and determination. The theme for our conference was ‘The Challenges Ahead’, Ellis seamlessly wove the topical and organisational challenges we face as a sector of professional services to provide context to his life story to date. He left our delegates entertained, inspired and keen to hear what the next chapter would be in an already dynamic and fascinating story.

Douglas Aitken, Director, Peak Performance Limited

On behalf of Hartlepool Borough Council- Economic Regeneration Team I would like to thank you Ellis Stewart for your attendance at Hartlepool’s Global Entrepreneurship Event on 21 November 2014. Your opening speech was thoroughly engaging and your inspirational message helped get the event off to a great start. The feedback from the secondary school students that attended, their teachers, local businesses and local authority staff was that you made a lasting impression on them, describing your speech as “excellent”.

Feedback from the students from included “never give up on your dreams” and “that you have to keep trying and challenging yourself”.

Stewart Ellis -thank you again and we wish you every success in fulfilling your Everest dream in the forthcoming year.

Caron Auckland Project Officer- Employment Economic Regeneration Team

Ellis Stewart  has been a Speaker three times to our Tangent Group and on each occasion his talk with slides has been both fascinating and inspiring but above all life-affirming.  We are a group of 36 local women from professional and business backgrounds, many of us are now retired and all are keen travellers and seekers after experience and knowledge.  Ellis Stewart  has been a great favourite with our group as his delivery is clear and concise, he speaks with humility and humour and he has never ‘lost the audience.’  

At his first visit Ellis spoke enthusiastically about his life-long ambition to climb Mount Everest, his determination to achieve this goal carried us all along and we asked him at that time if he would return to tell us of this once-in-a-life-time adventure.  

Sadly, Ellis Stewart's’ ambition had to be put on hold, when in May 2014 we all learned from local and national media that an avalanche on Mount Everest had caused devastation and tragic loss of life and the climb had to be abandoned.  Later on Ellis Stewart was contacted (albeit tactfully) by one of our members as to whether he felt he could still come along to tell us of this harrowing experience and he readily agreed.  

That talk had a very different tone but was still most uplifting and positive.  Despite this dreadful tragedy Ellis Stewart  had forged strong friendships at Base Camp and his enthusiasm for his project was not at all dimmed.  Again, we asked if he would return to speak to us should he be successful in a further bid to climb this iconic mountain and he promised he would.

Ellis Stewart  did return to speak to our group recently and this time his talk was really gripping and very moving as he described his personal terrifying and experience when the earthquake had struck.  This was a difficult talk for Ellis Stewart  in many ways and with footage shot at the time the sheer emotion of the events came across to us all in no small measure.  

We did feel privileged that Ellis Stewart  felt he could speak so freely to us and can only express our admiration for his courage and eloquence.  We would certainly endorse him as a speaker to all groups and organisations regardless of background or age and I personally feel his account of his adventures would be a real inspiration to young people and anyone with personal ‘mountains to climb.’ 

Patricia Raine, Tangent Secretary

Ellis Stewart delivered a talk on his experiences ‘on the mountain' to a room of EDF Energy's IT Leaders. His delivery was confident, entertaining & full of inspiration. He managed to take us all on his journey from the boy who had a dream to the man who almost managed it, with his North East charms he was really easy to listen to and focused on the audience.

The key takeaway for the room were the qualities required to deliver on his dream, teamwork, dedication and planning all of which we recognized as valuable attributes in our day to day practices.

Ellis  Stewart says he lives by the principal of ‘One dream, one chance, one life’ and this was very much embodied in his talk.  I’d thoroughly recommend.

Craig Gill CIO Business Partner    EDF Energy

Ellis Stewart’s whole adult life has been devoted to conquering the highest peak on Earth, when he’s not running his on-line business. He came to Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy in October 2015 with his story – and what a story! He had the pupils in Years 10 and 11 gripped with tales of his 2 attempts on Everest – both thwarted by events, which made global news. Ellis Stewart  tells an inspirational tale and his story of resilience and determination makes for a great experience. You can’t help but be inspired to take on ‘your own Everest’. 

Peter Snowdon   Deputy Head – Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

Based on a recommendation from another organisation I invited Ellis Stewart  to talk to pupils, parents and staff at our Duke of Edinburgh Awards Presentation Evening. Ellis talked about his experiences on Everest as well as what had informed his dream to summit the mountain and how his adventures had shaped him as a person. 

Ellis’ talk and accompanying presentation was absolutely fascinating and pupils, parents and staff alike were fully engaged by what he had to say. The presentation was pitched perfectly to the target audience but the message was a universal and inspirational one. The purpose of Ellis Stewart's’ presentation was to encourage his audience not to give up in the pursuit of their own ambitions and to be determined in their efforts to summit their ‘own Everest’.

Parents and staff were clearly inspired by Ellis Stewart's as were the pupils. Their realisation that someone from the local area with a similar socio-economic background could experience such adventures in pursuit of a dream has encouraged them to think about their own lives and how they might strive to make the impossible a reality. 

Emma Renwick Assistant Head Teacher   Northfield School and Sports College

Ellis Stewart delivered an impeccable after dinner speech which was both inspiring and a real eye opener to the dedication and commitment needed to reach ones dream….however long it takes.

The feedback from the +150 people who attended from across businesses’ in the IT industry was that he made a lasting impression on them and was a great choice for our inaugural alliance event.

Tony McMurray Regional Finance Director   Ingram Micro UK Ltd

Personally, I am sorry that I was away and was unable to hear what other members have told me was one of the best talks we have had in recent years delivered by Ellis Stewart.

Jeremy Edkins  Treasurer Bishop Auckland Rotary Club

Ellis Stewart  just to let you know how very much we enjoyed your 'gripping' lecture about the perils of Everest.  One of our difficult members, Doris, said it was the best talk she had heard in here life!!. A difficult achievement"

Min Whitehouse   Stockton Ladies Club