Inspirational Speakers - June 2024

Summer is here!

This month we continue to work on some fantastic events, catching up with our speakers on new topics and showreel updates and enjoying getting to meet a few new speakers (some of them seen below).

We’re excited for our clients to get to know our speaker’s topics and stories they have to share.

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Chelsea Loveridge

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New Speakers

Dean Leak

Dean Leak is a performance coach with 15 years of experience in the UK Olympic High-Performance Sport System, FTSE 100 companies, and many more.

Having supported GB’s elite Gold medal athletes and been part of senior leadership teams to build learning and development systems for National sports, Dean has translated his methodology to FTSE 100 companies, corporate organisations, SME’s, and start-ups to build world-class teams and healthy performance cultures. His mission is to help companies become industry leaders in thriving workplace cultures by helping them to accelerate the potential of its people. He his own company, Accelerate Coaching, with a team of associates supporting the delivery of key projects.

Brian Banks is a former professional American football player and exoneree whose compelling life story of wrongful conviction and eventual exoneration has captivated audiences worldwide.

Now a celebrated resilience and leadership speaker, as well as an author, Brian travels extensively to share his insights on overcoming adversity, resilience, and leadership.
His talks deeply resonate in corporate settings and educational institutions, inspiring audiences with his commitment to justice and personal growth.

Kayleigh Greenacre is the founder and CEO of Actually, I Can! and is a certified Mindset and Business Coach/Strategist, author, and an accomplished educator and motivational TEDx speaker.

Kayleigh’s passion for a growth mindset developed from this experience, aiming to help individuals reach their goals regardless of their background, story, or limiting beliefs. Today, she supports thousands of female entrepreneurs worldwide in pursuing their dreams and building profitable businesses to attain success, freedom, and wealth.

Myrto Legaki is a leadership and corporate wellbeing consultant who empowers clients worldwide to unlock their true potential through leadership training, keynotes, workshops, team-building activities, executive coaching and integrates neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness techniques to drive positive transformation.

Myrto Legaki delivers engaging keynotes on essential leadership skills, wellbeing, mental health, women’s leadership, diversity and inclusion, and mindfulness.

Stef Sword-Williams is a TEDx speaker, founder, and author of F*ck Being Humble—an empowering movement and consultancy dedicated to inspiring individuals to embrace their achievements unapologetically and conquer the fear of self-promotion.
Named among the Top 50 Workplace Leaders in the UK, Stef has cultivated a loyal online following of over 170k individuals. Her work has been featured in esteemed publications such as Vogue, BBC World News, The Financial Times, and Forbes.
Kirsty inspires neurodiverse individuals to maximize their potential, break down barriers and misconceptions surrounding neurodiversity, and demonstrate the power of positive thinking and self-talk.
Kirsty is a dyslexic coach inspiring neurodiverse individuals to maximize their potential, breaking down barriers and misconceptions surrounding neurodiversity, and demonstrating the power of positive thinking and self-talk in achieving a happier, more abundant life.

Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

Featured Video

Meet Adrian Tuitt, the embodiment of grit, resilience, and the transformative power of sports.

Adrian speaks from the heart, covering topics from the life-changing magic of sports to the art of turning setbacks into comebacks.
Believe us, when Adrian talks, people listen. His words have that hard-to-find blend of lived experience and practical wisdom.

Who’s the right audience for Adrian’s motivational magic? Adults, teachers, anyone working in a intense work atmosphere and let’s not forget—our young people in education. Anyone who’s up for a “started from the bottom, now we’re here” tale will find Adrian’s story a hit. He’s got something for everyone—life lessons that resonate with adults and relatable, real-talk inspiration for the community.

Featured Reviews

Alex Slack
BBG Academy
Read More
Booked a speaker called Alistair Patrick-Heselton, who was excellent. The process was easy and the communication with Chelsea was fantastic. The paperwork was simple to complete and a teams call was organised with the speaker prior to the event. Would recommend booking through this complany.
Alasdair Tobias
Lancing College
Read More
I booked Action Jackson to speak at an educational event. He was a terrific speaker and had the young people really engaged. The booking process was simple and was handled efficiently.

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