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Wow, what a month March has been, celebrating International Women’s Day and Neurodiversity Celebration Week.
How did you celebrate these events – we’d love to know!
As we roll further into 2024, we continue to make new and improved updates to our website, taking on new speakers and helping our clients make their events unforgettable!
Whilst we reflect on the past month, check out below the selection of new speakers we have taken on, along with new speaker quotes and testimonials! 
Chelsea Loveridge

Chelsea Loveridge

Assistant Speaker Agent

New Speakers

Nicola S. Morgan is an international education consultant, TEDx Speaker, teacher, entrepreneur, author, NLP master practitioner and English Channel Swimmer.
Whether your biggest challenge is resilience, improving the behaviour of children and young people, having tricky conversations, or let’s face it life in general. Nicola can deliver for you a successful, interactive and personalised event full of high energy and relevance. People leave her events buzzing and they are fired up and ready to go, with actions which can be implemented.

Meet Adrian Tuitt, the embodiment of grit, resilience, and the transformative power of sports. Adrian peaks from the heart, covering topics from the life-changing magic of sports to the art of turning setbacks into comebacks.

Who’s the right audience for Adrian’s motivational magic? Adults, teachers, anyone working in a intense work atmosphere and let’s not forget—our young people in education. Anyone who’s up for a “started from the bottom, now we’re here” tale will find Adrian’s story a hit. He’s got something for everyone—life lessons that resonate with adults and relatable, real-talk inspiration for the community.

James Child - Inspirational Speakers
James Child is a former professional rugby league referee who officiated at the highest level, including both major domestic finals and at four consecutive World Cups.

A passionate advocate for inclusion, James offers a rare and fascinating insight into the highs and lows of life as a professional referee – including how the skills he learned about performing under pressure at the highest levels can be applied to other situations.

Frederick Afrifa, an award-winning speaker & international sprinter who is known to transform the way people think.

Frederick Afrifa’s mission is to create a world where people can thrive & believe in greatness. His vulnerable thought-provoking talks and workshops have inspired, motivated, and invigorated thousands of people globally. Through this experience, Frederick gained profound insights into effective goal setting and maintaining motivation during challenging times. Now, he leverages these techniques to positively impact the lives of thousands.

Meet Chris Gibson MBE, who brings with him over 34 years military, governmental and private sector experience.
Chris Gibson MBE has held leadership roles and key appointments throughout his career which have seen him serve on specialist military operations all over the world. This includes 18 months in Beirut attempting to gain the release of Terry Waite, 12 months in Sarajevo on a Special Forces Team charge with the capture and arrest indicted war criminals and 16 months in Sierra Leone manging the President’s personal security during the civil war.

Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

Featured Showreel

As the CEO of a coaching company that exists to inspire learners and equip leaders, Innerscope has impacted the lives of thousands of students and staff teams nationwide working with companies like Pearson Edexcel, Warner Music Group and Adobe.

James’ keynotes remind us all that skilled professionals who are reconnected to their WHY, can make a transformative impact in the lives of the young people they serve. He has a resolve to resource professionals who desire to help students to experience a future that is not restricted by their past and his multi award winning work that reduced youth crime and increased youth employment is a powerful example of this.

Featured Speaker Quotes

Featured Speaker Quotes

Featured Book

Finding Rhythm: An International Dance Journey

One woman embarked on a dance journey around the world, finding out how each dance tells a story of its country and learning how beautiful life can be when you take the lead.

If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? Aliénor Salmon was working as a happiness researcher in Bangkok when a friend asked her the question that turned life as she knew it on its heels. A novice dancer but experienced social researcher, the Franco-British Aliénor headed west from Bangkok to dance her way through Latin America. As she learns eighteen dances, each native to the countries she visits, she engages with esoteric customs, traditions, and cultures. Through conversations and arduous studio hours, she learns that every step, pivot, and shake thrums with an undeniable spirit of place. And that in a world where we are over-connected but increasingly disconnected from one another, dance offers an authentically human experience. One that allows her to develop tolerance, kindness, truth, and love by holding the hands of a stranger and gazing into their eyes for the time of a song.

With her fearless and candid approach, Aliénor will inspire you to take the reins of your own life—and have some fun along the way. In this dance-travelogue, you’ll learn the history and steps of dances like salsa, samba, and tango, enjoy a resplendent meditation on happiness and wanderlust, and receive a life-affirming answer to the question: How do I take the first step?

Featured Reviews

Ben Hutchings
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From working with Claire to the session ran by Ellie Middleton everything ran smoothly and was executed to perfection. Looking forward to working with Inspirational Speakers again soon!
Sam Rock
Juniper Training
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Inspirational speakers have been very helpful throughout the process of booking Action Jackson and then ensuring the talks met our expectations for the day. Emails were sent regularly to ensure we were supported or had any further questions. Action Jackson inspired our staff through his motivational journey and experiences. He also interacted with our tutors throughout the talk to keep them engaged.

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