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 Education speakers help their audience to make connections, influence decisions, improve learning environments, increase student achievement and motivate change.

Our education speakers help teachers look for new and creative ways to keep each class session fresh and interactive. They share their own experiences within teaching and how to build a better relationship with your students and work to establish rapport.

For students who have trouble understanding a subject’s relevance, an education speaker can offer a different perspective to help students recognise its importance. Not only will students learn something new, it could inspire them about possible futures and what it will take to reach them.

Below are just a few of our top education speakers who are skilled with content such as teacher wellbeing, behaviour, ofted, staff retention and so on!

Adrian Bethune is a teacher and Healthy Body & Mind Leader at a primary school in Hertfordshire. In 2012, he was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal by Lord Richard Layard at the House of Lords for his work on developing wellbeing in schools.

Adrian has become a committed and dedicated primary school teacher who has over nine years’ experience teaching across both Key Stages. Adrian’s teaching practice has been strongly focused on the best ways of developing children’s levels of happiness and wellbeing, whilst ensuring they achieve their best academically.

Dr Emma Kell has over 20-years experience as a teacher and is Head of English with senior leadership experience at a school in North London.

Founder and Director of Those That Can limited, Emma’s energies are channelled into keeping great teachers happily in the profession.

This means both celebrating the unique brilliance of teaching as a career and bringing into the light toxic practices which feed directly into our current crisis in recruitment and retention.

Action Jackson is the UK Ambassador for happiness. An award winning motivational speakers and author, television talk show host and a mentor to many.

He has dedicated his energy and passion to getting remarkable results through cutting edge motivational techniques. Jackson combines entertainment and energy to give his audience an experience they will never forget. Whether online or in person you will experience him singing or acting, he pulls on all his resources to ensure you come away feeling good about yourself.

Education, Health and Business Speaker – Change management, Improving teamwork & communication, Developing creativity, Enhancing wellbeing.

Dave has been Laughologist since 2008. Highly engaging, dynamic, fast-paced and quick-witted, he has been delivering workshops and programmes for Laughology in education, health and business.

As a facilitator, presenter and trainer, Dave has worked nationally and internationally in business and education for the last 20 years.

Equity Educator, Founder of Pride in Education & Stonewall’s Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2020. Inspirational Equity and Belonging Consultant and Speaker.

As an inspirational speaker, Laïla combines personal experience as an Arab lesbian, with industry-leading strategies to champion more inclusive teams and environments. As an educator, Laïla paints a vision of the benefits of eradicating discrimination, and then gives audiences the practical tools to action such change, with long-lasting positive results. Laïla provides a safe and non judgmental space to facilitate learning and growth.

Joe has built three alternative provisions for children who for a number of reasons cannot access mainstream education. Together with his partner Richard Allen they built the company from nothing to the thriving organisation it is today. 

Joe still leads the organisation, but has stepped down as Head teacher to work nationally for The Pixl Club. Delivering his own behaviour self improvement system Level Best. Joe is a passionate and dedicated leader, relentless in pursuing seemingly impossible outcomes for staff and students.

Nina is an International Education Consultant and is a leading practitioner in outstanding learning and teaching.

After hearing Nina’s own personal story and the amazing strategies she has employed to overcome the very worst experiences in life, you’ll then understand how she has managed to help so many people and why she is known as ‘The Ninja, who moves in mysterious ways’.

She has a particular gift of working with SEND, Gifted and Talented and engaging disaffected learners.

Robin Launder is a motivating, humorous and fast-paced speaker.

His presentations take forward his life-long work of helping people be the best they can be. Robin’s background is mental health, education and the Prison Service – a background from which he borrows heavily to make the point that we are all capable of remarkable things, regardless of our starting position in life.

For education-related presentations, Robin launder presents on behaviour management, neuroscience for teachers and evidenced-based teaching. He is a leader in each of these fields.

Adele Bates is a Behaviour & Education specialist who helps school leaders, classroom teachers, homeschooling carers, and parents support pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH to thrive with their education.

Adele works with teachers, school leaders and educators who are struggling to engage pupils with challenging behaviour; who want to create inclusive classrooms where learning is the focus.

Adele’s vision is for education is one in which all differences are included and welcomed; education is flexible, relevant and leads towards positive social change.

Anthony Bennett is an inspirational speaker and motivational speaker & fundraiser who learned how to walk, talk and speak again after contracting three virus infections at the same time.

After what many would consider being a miracle, Anthony was given only a 10% chance or survival, but has made a full recovery and is inspiring businesses, schools, and organisations with his optimism and bubbly personality.

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