Ryan Holiday

#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, ‘Obstacle is the Way,’ and ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying,’ Former Director of Marketing, American Apparel
FEE : £15k+


His books are taught in colleges and marketing programs around the world, including Trust Me I’m Lying, which revealed the massive vulnerabilities (and opportunities) in the global media system in 2012.

He has directly influenced Super Bowl-winning teams like the New England Patriots, NBA Champions like the San Antonio Spurs, and Olympic Gold Medalists, as well as sitting Senators, military leaders and some of the biggest and most important companies in the world like Google, Twitter and Microsoft

Book Ryan Holiday

At the core of Ryan’s teachings is Stoicism, popularized through the #1 NY Times Bestseller Stillness is the Key, Obstacle is the Way, and his latest, Lives of the Stoics. What is Stoicism? The idea that while we don’t always control what happens to us in life, we always control how we respond.
Illustrated vividly with stories from the greats (and not-so-greats) of history, Ryan provides a framework for overcoming obstacles, scaling new challenges and battling both the ups and downs and life. Profiled by the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and ESPN, Ryan counts among his clients and followers some of the biggest names in business, tech, culture and professional athletics. Ryan lives in Austin, TX where he does his writing in between raising cattle, donkeys and goats.

Featured Topics Include:

The Obstacle is the Way

Through lessons learned from history’s greats, understand how embracing the impediments between you and your goal can become your path to success.


Conquer Your Ego

At every stage of life, ego holds us back. Learn how you can liberate yourself to accomplish the world-changing work you’ve set out to achieve.

Lasting Impact

Understand the difference between products and companies that appear in our lives as fads for a short while, and those that have a lasting impact on the way we think, live and work.


Ryan was awesome!!! Exceeded our high expectations. Thanks so much for your help, it was a pleasure working on this with you. It was so fun, educational and special for us to meet Ryan.



I have booked A LOT of speakers. Ryan is the rare blend of a total pro who’s also likeable and approachable. He brings an ‘everyman’ spirit to a topic that could go over heads in the wrong hands. His content was insightful, relevant, timely, and forward thinking. To this day I still get notes from our members that attended that event telling me what an impact it had on their lives and their business.



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