Neurodiversity Celebration Week

18th – 24th March 2024

What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

Neurodiversity Celebration Week, endeavours to challenge the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding neurological differences. Its goal is to change how neurodivergent people are perceived and supported by promoting awareness and appreciation of their unique talents and strengths.

The aim is to reshape the perception of neurodivergent individuals and provide schools, universities, and organizations with the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the unique talents and advantages of neurodiversity. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and equitable culture that empowers each person and celebrates differences.

Below are just a few of our wonderful speakers that cover this topic…

Harley Street therapist, Neurodiversity Coach and Founder of Wired Differently, a social impact company creating products and services for Autistic and ADHD people.

Sara is neurodivergent herself and works with professionals and entrepreneurs in areas as diverse as therapy, coaching and health as well as training, employability, workplace inclusion and health tech. A former disability and employment specialist, Sara is keen to communicate the challenges of being neurodivergent and how organisations can be genuinely inclusive, through a mix of education and compassion.

Ellie Middleton is an autistic and ADHD creator, speaker, writer, consultant and founder of the (un)masked community for neurodivergents.
Ellie aims to shout about the positives that come with being neurodivergent, highlight the ways that society can better accommodate those of us with different brains, and help other undiagnosed neurodivergent people find the answers that they deserve. Ellie is living proof that getting a diagnosis can change your life, change your outlook and allow you to reach your true potential – and thinks that is something that every neurodivergent person deserves.
Amy Polly (AKA The Mindfulness Rebel) is a founder, mindfulness teacher, international speaker and neurodiversity advocate.

Amy Polly is a recovering accountant, whose career in finance spanned 19 years, with her last role being Head of Finance and Property within the Fire Service. Whilst sitting on the leadership team within UK Fire, she also took on the role of Strategic Lead for Mental Health and Wellbeing, where she finally realised how to bring together her passion for people, and mindfulness, in the corporate world.

Alex Partridge is a mental health advocate, pioneer of social media content and founder of UNILAD & LADBible.

At 34 years old, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and has quickly become a leading voice on social media around neurodiversity. His impassioned views on entrepreneurship and neurodiversity has quickly amassed him a following of over 250,000 people. Alex also hosts the chart topping podcast, ADHD Chatter which attracts an audience of thousands every week.

Ruby Wax is a comedienne, keynote Speaker, mental health speaker and awards host, TV personality, actor and has been an active voice in the battle against mental illness.

Ruby Wax facilitates workshops and presents keynotes which focus on neuroscience, communication, and leadership. She effortlessly combines humour with heavy and important topics. Her keynotes are captivating and informative.

Hester Grainger is a former TV presenter turned BBC radio presenter, freelance writer, neurodiversity speaker and workplace consultant.
Having been diagnosed with ADHD in her forties, she is a leading advocate for awareness and acceptance of ADHD, autism and neurodiversity. Both of her children and husband Kelly were diagnosed as autistic and with ADHD a few years earlier. Hester and Kelly went on to launch Perfectly Autistic, a neurodiversity workplace consultancy.
Kelly Grainger is the co-founder of Perfectly Autistic, leading advocate for awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity, having been formally diagnosed as autistic at 44 and with ADHD at 45.

Now booked as a speaker for a variety of corporate and public events, Kelly shares his experience of autism and ADHD and how businesses can be more inclusive of neurodiversity. In his proficiency as a speaker, Kelly provides workshops for corporate clients on how they can create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces, by being inclusive of all.

After being diagnosed as autistic at the age of 34 in 2017, Pete Wharmby has immersed himself in working to improve autistic awareness, acceptance and making the world a more suitable place for the neurodivergent community.

Pete has spoken at a wide range of events and conferences since 2020 in the UK and in Europe and North America, both in person and remotely, sharing his insight and experience of being autistic and ADHD with businesses, governments, educational establishments and more.

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