Inspirational Speakers - February 2024

We are well and truly in the swing of 2024 now!

With neurodiversity awareness week and International Womens day just around the corner, we are busy booking phenomenal speakers for events.
We have had a huge increase in certain topics which has led to a demand in taking on new speakers to fit this need – which means attending events to see them speak… which I love doing!

I have put below a few new speakers that we are excited to work with, and just a few featured podcasts, testimonials and showreels to champion the fantastic people we get to work with!

Claire Rackham

Claire Rackham

Managing Director

New Speakers

Professor Paul McGee, known as The Sumo Guy and is one of Europe’s leading speakers on change, resilience, leadership and wellbeing.
Paul McGee is an expert in human behaviour and performance and a visiting Professor at the University of Chester. He’s spoken for over 1,000 organisations worldwide, from international conferences to individual work with elite athletes. His bespoke messages have resonated with global brands including Harrods, GSK, Adidas, Virgin, The NHS, Lloyds Bank and Manchester City.
Wynne Evans is a broadcaster, presenter, and professionally trained opera singer with a daily radio show on BBC Radio Wales and two number one classical music albums.
In case you think you recognise Wynne, you would be absolutely right! He has achieved extraordinary things, including appearing in millions of homes for Go Compare as the spoof opera star, Gio Compario. He has been the brand mascot for 15 years, making over 150 ads for the company, something that is unique to just Wynne. Not only does Wynne appear in the adverts, he is the brains behind writing and producing some of them.​
Elle Mace is a distinguished practitioner at the forefront of integrating therapy and coaching to deliver unparalleled services and transformative results for her clients. As the founder of her own clinic, Elle offers personalised 1:1 and group sessions, hosts worldwide retreats, manages a compelling podcast.

Elle’s professional journey is deeply rooted in her personal experiences, particularly her triumph over eating disorders. This unique and unfortunate chapter in her life fuels her passion for helping others navigate similar challenges. From this, Elle has carved a niche for herself, specialising in body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and cultivating positive psychology.

Fehinti Balogun is a distinguished multimedia creative, leveraging his platform and artistry to catalyse meaningful conversations and drive action in the realms of climate justice and equality. In the realm of acting, Fehinti has garnered acclaim with lead roles on major platforms such as HBO, Netflix, ITV, BBC, and Paramount Plus.
Fehinti’s impact extends beyond screens and pages—his dynamic speaking engagements have taken him to prestigious platforms such as Cambridge University, the UN’s COP 26 climate summit, the Scottish Parliament, London Mayoral Hall, NBC Universal, YouTube’s Creator Summit, and the EF Global Leadership Summit.
Helen Davies
Helen Davies is a compelling speaker, innovative thinker, and the founder of a pioneering initiative designed to support and inspire the neurodivergent community. Living life as a dyslexic adult with ADHD and autistic traits, Helen has personally faced the complexities of a neurotypical world and emerged as a beacon of strength and guidance for others.
Helen can capture an audience with an authentic narrative, inspiring humour, and deep-seated commitment to empower each listener. 
Leon Gordon is a Data Analytics Expert & AI Leader: Keynotes that drive business success through data-driven insights. With a career spanning diverse industries, he’s known for bridging the gap between theory and practice, making complex concepts actionable.
Leon’s captivating stage presence inspire innovation and break barriers. His dedication to creating a culture of growth empowers teams to excel in the data-driven era, making him a sought-after speaker for organizations looking to leverage the full potential of their data.
Dr Craig Wing, PhD, MBA, MSc, BSc, Futurist, AI Sentiment Tech Founder Global Keynote Speaker. For two decades, Craig has delivered 500+ keynotes to 5,000 global leaders and executives to understand, create and design their ideal futures through imagineering and futures thinking.
Craig Wing started 5 companies: software venture for partially sighted children, commercialization consultant and silicon valley, cleantech startup launched at 8 U.S and international Universities, profiled at the Clinton Global Initiative and TEDx speaker. As Google head of small business marketing, he launched South African Business Woza online where SME’s created 50,000 websites in its first year: 1 every 10 minutes.
Embark on an inspiring journey with Rob Hosking, a TEDx international motivational speaker, former front-line police officer and passionate mental health and workplace wellbeing advocate. Through fearless talks, Rob Hosking’s shares a powerful narrative of personal transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine happiness.
In his talks, Rob delves into the pivotal role of employee happiness in driving organisational excellence, highlighting how the wellbeing and resilience of any workforce are essential ingredients for a thriving organisation.

Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials

Featured Showreel

Paul Wearmouth is a revolutionary in the Customer Service world. He is the creator of WOW Customer Service and he knows that World Class Service inspires and motivates customers to want to Buy More, Spend More and Return More!
Paul Wearmouth has worked with market leaders such as Top Cashback, Property Mark, Sight Care and other industry leaders to help them deliver a level of service that their competition simply cannot reach. To Paul, Service = Sales! He works with audiences to help them define their customer service contributions and inspires them to take 5 star service to the WOW level!

Featured Speaker Quotes

Featured Speaker Quotes

Featured Podcast

In this episode, Anthony Ogogo interviews Clive Branson, a resilient individual who faced significant setbacks in his life. Clive’s story includes losing both his parents, battling mental health issues, and being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Despite these challenges, Clive shares his journey of perseverance and determination to keep moving forward. Tune in to gain inspiration from Clive’s incredible story of resilience and strength.

Featured Reviews

Hannah Knowles
The Skinners Kent Academy
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Excellent communication and support from Inspirational Speakers Ltd.
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The session was a huge success and it seemed like my fellow Tweeps were engaged and excited to hear from the athletes. Thank you for your involvement Claire, I enjoyed working with you.
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Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to you both for making today such a brilliant experience – Our virtual event went really smoothly and timed perfectly! Once again it was a pure joy, moving, great fun and a wonderful adventure working with you both - we will keep in contact.

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