Choosing the perfect speaker – Our top 5 tips

A successful event is one that leaves a long and lasting experience for all involved. Delivering clear objectives and lessons that can be applied at work (or at home!) Finding Keynote speakers, hosts and workshop leaders is critical to the success of an event. We have put together 5 key tips to help you select the very best speaker for your event.

Capture the event objectives
Start by identifying the core KPIs of your event and then think who the right speaker could be to help you deliver this. Knowing the theme of the event and the overall message of what the day will be, will help narrow the search is in selecting the best speaker for you.
Budget always plays a factor. Make sure you have a clear outline of your speaker budget before beginning your search.
We often find that when speaking to clients, as we start to explore the event aims and objectives, we sometimes find the speaker suggestions given at the beginning of the conversation might not be the best speakers to help achieve those KPIs.

Ensure success
Ensuring the pre-event logistics go smoothly is of course incredibly important.
For us this includes the client completes a detailed briefing sheet which covers on the day logistics and details on the company and event itself.
Once this is completed and sent to the speaker, A pre-event briefing call is the perfect opportunity to run through the form details and ensure that your outcomes are at the forefront of the discussion.

Define the expectations of the speaker
Being able to utilise a speaker not just for a ‘fly in fly out’ keynote is always something to bear in mind.
If the speaker is giving a morning keynote, why not see if the speaker can stay at the event for a period of time afterwards. Perhaps they could facilitate a meeting or lunch/networking break with VIP delegates or company staff.
This provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to tap into the speaker’s expertise.

Perhaps your speaker has written a book and could do a book signing or pose for selfies!
Pre-event interviews, blogs, tweets, video teasers are all great marketing initiatives which can build momentum. This type of added extra really leaves a lasting memory with delegates, making your event that little bit more special.

Benchmark success
Proactive follow-up marketing is a great way to achieve this. Consider how to keep the content exciting and fresh in delegates minds. Use marketing channels to reinforce key messages and ensure the impact lasts.
Your speaker could record a short video for you to use post event to keep the event memorable and maximise the impact.
Ask your speaker if they will include your event  on their own platforms therefore giving you even more follow-up success!

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