Em Stroud – The Top 5 Things I have learnt from Leaders

The Top 5 Things I have learnt from Leaders – Em Stroud I sometimes forget that I have been coaching some of the top business players for over twenty years. I still remember the first few people I coached when I was in my mid twenties – some of whom were a lot older than […]

Movement is Medicine: why mental fitness matters – Alex Staniforth

Movement is Medicine: why mental fitness matters – Alex Staniforth Everyone wants to be fitter. It’s up there with the most common new year resolutions. Fitness is an admirable state, whether you define it as a clothing size, a sub 3-hour marathon or how much weight you can deadlift. It should be an ongoing process […]

Burnout – Breaking the Cycle

Katherine Baldwin Katherine Baldwin is a wellbeing speaker, mental health advocate, transformational coach and author who shares her personal experience of an eating disorder, addictions, burnout and breakdown. Following a 20-year personal development and healing journey, Katherine Baldwin has found purpose in her pain and uses her experiences to support individuals to spot the signs of […]

What the military taught me about mindfulness – Sarah Furness

The more I think about it the more I have to grudgingly admit that the military is actually pretty mindful. I had secretly enjoyed setting myself apart from the institutionalised horde. Making lofty statements such as “I left the military because I’d outgrown it.” “I felt it was time to spread my wings” And to […]

What is Mental Toughness – Penny Mallory

  Everyday challenges can take there toll. Not giving up and staying positive can be a challenge in itself! Penny Mallory -Keynote Speaker, Psychological Performance Coach, Former Rally Champion, talks to us about Mental toughness and how we can achieve our own personal best and be comfortable in our own skin.  

You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Work Here – Blaire Palmer

One of our amazing speakers, Blaire Palmer recently went on an RV adventure to try to reduce stress. What she learned along the way was a truly interesting, honest and relatable and definitely worth sharing with you lovely people….   ‘Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs OR What my own midlife […]

5 Keys to Personal Resilience – By Anna Hemmings, MBE, 6 x World Champion & Olympian

Resilience is a huge topic in the speaking industry. It is a capacity which helps people and organisations respond well to challenge, setbacks and even crisis. The ability to ‘bounce back’, to recover and respond with commitment and optimism. Anna Hemmings has given us her top tips to help with Personal Resilience for passing on… 1. […]