Resilience is a huge topic in the speaking industry. It is a capacity which helps people and organisations respond well to challenge, setbacks and even crisis.
The ability to ‘bounce back’, to recover and respond with commitment and optimism.
Anna Hemmings has given us her top tips to help with Personal Resilience for passing on…

1. Goal
– if your goal is clear your better able to handle challenges and setback; it will
give you the motivation to keep persevering in the face of adversity

2. Ability to perform under pressure
– this is the ability to stay calm and not be debilitated by nerves. Its about
knowing what to focus your attention on and then being able to maintain
perspective in a challenging situation by reframing the situation to see it as an
opportunity rather than a threat.

3. Positivity
– this is the ability to think positively about a situation and at the same time be
realistic about what can be achieved. People who are optimistic deal with
pressure and stress better than those who are pessimistic

4. Support Network
– we all need people we can reach out to, who can support us and who we can
rely on. A strong support network is a strong source of resilience and helps
protect against the detrimental effects of stress.

5. Energy
Energy is our most critical resource and we need to be able to manage it
effectively if we want to be resilient. Our energy levels impact how we feel,
behave and what we are able to get done.

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