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Peter Hall Jones Education, Leadership, Change Motivational speaker

Peter Hall Jones is in demand around the world - across all sectors as a mind changing, innovative and inspiring speaker, coach and consultant.

With great humour and fun Peter Hall Jones gently provokes and challenges accepted wisdom and practice, causing radical rethinking, reimagining and the increased motivation and energy to tackle challenges and seize opportunities for making life better for clients and those they seek to serve.

 Working with major corporate organisations, education and system leaders and staff Peter Hall Jones has a wealth of stories and examples of non-sense and great ideas from around the world supported and backed up by current research evidence.

 Peter Hall Jones' s international and local experience across all sectors places him – perhaps uniquely – in a position to view leadership and learning with the greatest insight and authority. Peters skills as a gemerous communicator and teacher consistently give him "awesome' reviews.

 Peter Hall Jones is committed to developing and supporting others to lead with 'compassion, kindness and integrity - loyal to the needs of others and the opportunities modern technologies and internationalization offer'

 Pete Hall Jones  is an egalitarian, an entertainer and a change maker – 'an unconventional free thinker, a pioneer of ideas – an innovator and strategist'

Peter Hall Jones Education, Leadership, Change Motivational speaker

Peter Hall Jones Education, Leadership, Change and Motivational speaker

Peter Hall Jones is an unconventional free thinker, a pioneer of ideas and an innovator and strategist in demand around the world developing leaders, challenging current thinking, developing new ways of working through inspiring training and learning packages and other consultancy services in countries from Singapore to South Sudan, Kenya to Pakistan as well as across the UK.

A former infant teacher and a nationally recognised Headteacher, Peter Hall Jones now works as a mindset coach, leadership mentor, public speaker, consultant and adviser across all sectors supporting innovation, redefining excellence and developing people, organisations and communities as diverse as The Royal Mint, Argos Homebase, Steelcase and Local Authorities across the UK

Peter Hall Jones formed The Spiral Partnership Ltd to support organisations and individuals with a range of interventions, training packages and organisational development and learning improvement strategies. Peter Hall Jones is a leadership consultant for The British Council, is one of the founders of The Curriculum Foundation and now sits on a number of trust and innovative start-up company boards.

Peter Hall Jones is a passionate and articulate communicator. He was recently described as ‘holding the key for unlocking the gate towards inspirational and innovative leadership.’ 

Peter Hall Jones Education, Leadership, Change and Motivational speaker

Peter Hall Jones Even the hardened cynics have been captured by your magic – HR Director October 2016

A few words about Peter Hall Jones

I have known Peter Hall Jones for many years. He currently works with a wide range of educational professionals in helping them to redefine their practice and behaviours through challenging and supporting their thinking. Peter works within schools and other settings in the UK and abroad. He is as at home in front of large audience providing uplifting and inspiring presentations as he is in a school or classroom offering a perspective on the situation in which he finds himself.

He brings to bear his extensive experience, his engaging personality and his concern for all people, most notably the learner. He is well received wherever he works and is regarded as positive, compassionate and professional in outlook. Peter follows up on promises, remembers to do the little things he said he would, and helps like minded people make connections.

I have no doubt he would be an asset to any organisation looking to use his skills.

Professor Mick Waters

Peter Hall Jones was AWESOME NQT October 2016

Peter Hall Jones - no holds barred approach


Peter Hall Jones as he touched on so many issues that at the moment are a real concern for school (ebacc, curriculum review, skills based learning)


Peter Hall Jones It was extremely useful to really unpick what other countries really do as opposed to what we may think they do and if this is transferable to the English context.


Peter Hall Jones set me off on a train of thought re underlying curriculum principles. I found it particularly relevant having just worked on developing a special school curriculum.


Peter Hall Jones; simply because he kept bringing curriculum development back to its core purpose in a simple and humorous way.


'Peter Hall Jones - funny, knowledgeable, anarchic, lots of food for thought, leaving one in no doubt about the importance of getting this curriculum right.'

'Peter Hall Jones was amazing, come on we can do it!'

Dear Peter - I just wanted to say a very big thank you – you are my hero.  You are sensational and the governors loved you my reputation is in tact. Thank you so much 

Peter Hall Jones has the ability and skills to understand what people need, no matter what their background and experience. And help them to not only identify where they want to head but more importantly how they can get there.    This man has inspired me and helped to realise even more of my latent leadership potential 

Major Andrew Vertigan

Peter Hall Jones  What a key note.  What an experience! Truly inspiriting contribution to our conference

Peter Hall Jones Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your wisdom, passion, insight; reminding us what education is really about.

Informing, inspiring, energizing and empowering

Education Leadership Conference organizer March 2016

Peter Hall Jones first of all THANK YOU sooooooo much for today - you were a total superstar - the evaluations all gave you top scores and used words such as 'inspirational' 'fantastic' and said that you had given them confidence, fired their enthusiasm in dark times etc!

In all - you were a complete success and I was immensely proud and privileged to have your time with us. 

Peter Hall Jones I just felt the need tonight to say that you were inspirational today. It was brilliant to see you speaking with such energy, passion and enthusiasm. You always challenge my thinking about education, what our 'job' actually is and what we are trying to achieve and how. 

I feel very privileged to have spent time this week being coached by you alongside my colleagues and now have lots of notes :-) and thoughts to ponder about.

Year 5/6 Teacher

Inspirational,Peter Hall Jones came just at the right time for me, my head is still buzzing, I had lost the ability to dream big, why haven't we heard from you before, this is what our children need , now I know where I am going, what a wonderful way for children to learn,please come again to Lancashire"!! As you can see everyone found the day very thought provoking and exciting.

I was fortunate enough to be at the incredibly inspiring - and very   entertaining - training session that you ran and would like to say thank you Peter Hall Jones!  

Peter Hall Jones  - your introductions and links were witty and seamless and your delivery at the start of the afternoon exactly what people wanted and needed.

Peter Hall Jones  I just wanted to pass on our tables’ thanks for a great session on Saturday. From a personal point of view it was certainly highly entertaining, thought provoking and, most importantly, inspiring.

Peter Hall Jones,  thanks for sending home those heads and teachers in the right frame of mind to carry on being creative, innovative individuals  - a most inspiring morning for all of us! 

Favourite quote for the day - I thought Pete Hall Jones was brilliant. He really inspired me. I have only been really inspired like that once before ... It was a talk by a Ken ... Ken Robinson I think he was called ...

Peter Hall Jones- thank you for the very excellent session you gave Adult social care (senior managers) last week …. 75% commented on your personal excellence … it has obviously stimulated considerable thinking and for example the feedback are : 

- provided me with new ways of thinking about leadership.

- made me realise I need to focus on vision

- encouraged me to agree and focus on goal

- made me reflect on intention and impact

Director of Adults Social Care

Peter Hall Jones  - a number of people commented upon your inspirational presentation.  You were obviously so good you are in danger of being invited back a third time.

Chief Executive - PCT

Peter Hall Jones I wanted to write personally to thank you for the very interesting and entertaining presentation you gave the Crisis Seminar…it was an excellent session and helped give a very powerful context for the seminar.

Your passion energy and commitment are very refreshing and encourage us all in these dark days.

Peter Hall jones our attendees commented that you were interesting, entertaining, informative and thought provoking.

University VP

Peter Hall Jones thank you very much indeed for your excellent presentation at our conference last week. It was inspiring and absolutely fascinating.  The feedback from people attending was very positive, and many came up to us …to say how much they had enjoyed it

Peter Hall Jones - Excellent inspirational speaker. Would like to think I am brave enough to challenge accordingly. Excellent, entertaining, thought provoking and well worth hearing, confirmed that I need to move from being merely a manager’ closer to becoming a visionary leader. Very entertaining but thought provoking.  Inspiring and visionary. Obviously someone who knows the issue inside out.  He could empathise but give a clear view on how to lead and not ‘beat yourself up as much’.

 North Tyneside Council

Peter Hall Jones held the key for unlocking the gate towards inspirational and innovative leadership. (He) cut through a considerable amount of **@-! to reveal the primary focus of (leadership)

Peter Hall Jones - Double excellent – made very good points very well. Memorable/ clear/ humour. Excellent, inspirational and motivational.

Peter Hall Jones - Seriously you were superb.  You left everyone buzzing.  What a way to finish a conference.

Peter Hall Jones is absolutely inspirational, totally motivating and has a great sense of fun!  If you want someone with a wealth experience of developing people at all stages of their careers and someone who will really make you think about what you do, book Peter!

Regional director MAT

Peter Hall Jones 

“Very political but excellent”

“Very good, thought provoking. Good ideas for how we can introduce new approaches to how we teach”

“An interesting session that allowed people to reflect on current changes and the curriculum. It empowered professionals to take ownership again”

 “Very good – it was a shame it was only a work shop!”

The day was fantastic and Peter Hall Jones' knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery meant it was an interesting, inspiring and a very thought provoking day. I have had lots of positive feedback from colleagues.