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Nathan Atkinson Inspirational Speaker 

Nathan Atkinson  - Creator or Fuel for School

Nathan  Atkinson is known from his regular TV appearances for the innovative work he has done throughout his headship of three schools. Named in the top 50 in the 2017 Global Teacher Award Nathan Atkinson has inspired and motivated audiences Worldwide. 

Throughout his 10 career as a Headteacher Nathan Atkinson has worked in schools of varying need and ofsted category. In all three of these schools he has driven community focused initiatives and have been described as an "entrepreneural leader". 

Most recently Nathan Atkinson created a project called Fuel for School. This is an initiative that provides schools with access to food that otherwise would have been thrown away. The project has three key objectives: Remove hunger as a barrier to learning. Improve wellbeing outcomes for children. Highlight the Global issue of food waste. 

Fuel for School has presented Nathan Atkinson with opportunities to speak at national events and with some amazing people. The work has featured in national media and received numerous awards. 

The work has created change. From starting the project in his own school there are now 60 schools with access to food and the project is spreading across the country and beyond! 

Nathan Atkinson Inspirational Speaker 

Nathan Atkinson Inspirational Speaker 

Nathan Atkinson is passionate about making a difference to young people, their families and the communities within which they live. 

Having been a headteacher in 3 schools he has a wide range of experience working in schools that serve vulnerable and challenging communities. Nathan has been described as an entrepreneurial school leader whose innovative solutions have resulted in school improvement and the growth of communities. 

A notable achievement for Nathan Atkinson has been the creation of Fuel for School. This is a programme that provides food and education to school communities across Leeds, Bradford, Wigan, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool and Brighton. This work has seen Nathan Atkinson  speak in Parliament, work alongside Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and even receive personal recognition from her Royal Highness Princess Ann. Fuel for School uses food that would otherwise have been thrown away and diverts it into schools and their surrounding communities. Through this work Nathan has campaigned against Holiday Hunger and has provided solutions both in schools and through retail venues across Leeds City Centre. 

Inclusion is something Nathan Atkinson is passionate about, at his most recent school he had a city wide resourced provision for children with complex communication needs, this experience ensures he can work effectively with a wide range of children with varying needs.

Owing to his experience as a headteacher Nathan Atkinson has experienced a number of school inspections. Nathan is able to share the highs and lows of Ofsted Inspections and associated school improvement  required to ensure a school meets the required standards. 

Nathan Atkinson believes it is important to make learning as real life as possible and has worked creatively with a wide range of external partners to enrich the curriculum and outcomes for pupils. Partners include; Welcome to Yorkshire, Doncaster Rovers Football Club, Bauer Media, Leeds Rhinos, The Light Leeds and the NSPCC.  

Nathan Atkinson certainly motivates his audience, he also makes them cry from time to time! Once you have heard him speak you will be driven to influence change in a positive way both for yourself and others. 

Specific Talks:

Fuel for school: When two negatives make a positive. 

Hear how hungry children in one school resulted in the creation of Fuel for School. Using waste / surplus food Nathan Atkinson has developed a programme that Removes Hunger as a barrier to learning, Improves well-being outcomes for pupils and their families and highlights the global issue of food waste. Fuel for School currently provides food and education to 20,000 children per week. The project has received praise from Her Royal Highness Princess Ann, TV Chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and contributed to Nathan being judged as one of the top 50 teachers in the 2017 Global Teacher Prize. 

Innovative solutions to grow communities: 

In this talk Nathan Atkinson highlights successful examples of how school based projects linked to the curriculum can strengthen communities. Specifically Nathan gives first hand evidence of creating a community library on school site, how the organisation of a charity football match raised £13,000 for the NSPCC and engaged 17 schools their pupils and how building a café in school improved outcomes for members of the local community.

Nathan Atkinson Inspirational Speaker 

Over 250 delegates broke into spontaneous applause at the British Nutrition Foundation’s 50th anniversary conference in London, during a presentation by Headteacher, Nathan Atkinson, about the reality and impact of ‘holiday hunger’ in schoolchildren in Leeds and across the UK.  The conference, ‘Talking about the next generation: Nutrition in school aged children’, included a full programme of academic presentations, and was staged to discuss the importance of good nutrition and physical activity in the health and wellbeing of children, and the influence it may have on their academic development and behaviour.”

Hospitality and Catering News April 2017


Nathan Atkinson’s enthusiasm and passion will blow you away. He made us cry and laugh and is a person who truly influencing change. You won’t be disappointed”

Sharon Hodgson MP and Chair APPG School Food 

“Nathan Atkinson’s passion for making a difference to children and their families really shines through and his enthusiasm is without question”

Judy Ross Deputy Headteacher – Leeds