What is the difference between a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker?

Most people assume that a motivational speaker and inspirational speaker are the same thing. While their isn’t much difference between the two due to them both possessing similar qualities, their are important qualities which separate them. The comparison comes down to how the speaker will deliver determination, courage and taking action.


What is a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speakers are usually (not always!)  business professional’s who deliver speeches designed to motivate change within an audience to act in a definitive way to achieve a goal.

Motivational speakers will persuade/coach you to follow their way of thinking, they will attempt to challenge and transform their audiences.

When booking your motivational speaker, your chosen speaker will tailor their talk to suit the specific needs of their audience and leave them motivated to reach new goals.

Your selected motivational speaker will deliver encouragement that is will help to increase sales, boost morale, increase productivity, decrease employee burn out and boost positivity throughout the company.

What is an Inspirational Speaker?

Inspiration can be defined as an act of influencing people emotionally and mentally to do something creative.

Inspirational Speakers are often people who have achieved great things and overcome incredible adversity, they help make their audiences look at the bigger picture in their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves.

The speaker’s story will connect with the audience and encourage them to look at their own life through a completely new and different perspective to see where they want to make positive changes in their lives.


When booking your inspirational speaker, you’re going to want someone who is exceptionally passionate about the message they have to share and can deliver it in a relatable but moving manner, while also drawing the audience in on a deep emotional level.

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How will I know if I need a Motivational Speaker or an Inspirational Speaker for my event?

When booking a speaker for your event you have to consider many factors, one of those factors being whether you want a Motivational or Inspirational Speaker!

Other factors are why do you need a speaker, what will they be speaking on, what kind of change do you need, who is the talk for – all of these will help determine what kind of speaker you need!

Motivational speakers will have you looking at change and how you can make change now, whereas inspirational speakers will have you looking at the bigger picture, why are you making the change and where will it get you in 5 years time.

Motivation is about being calm, collective and focused. With motivational it’s the HOW are we going to accomplish the goal?

Inspiration is WHY are we going to accomplish this goal and taking action upon it!

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