Elizabeth Wright is an Australian Paralympic Medalist with a drive to help people understand what disability is, the issues disabled people face in the workplace and wider community, the language used around disability in the workplace and how to be a better disability ally.


Based on her experiences as a Paralympic swimmer and living with a disability, Elizabeth not only inspires, but provides practical tips and know-how on how to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace, organisation, or school.

Liz is Managing Editor of Disability Review Magazine.

Using lived experience stories in her talks, Elizabeth inspires positive social change and illustrates how supporting all people in our communities leads to a more thriving community. She demonstrates that allyship is the way forward if we are to be more inclusive of disabled people, both through accessibility and representation.

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She is also experienced at running CPD and INSET day workshops, helping staff and employees  understand their relationship with and ability to become better allies for all disabled people.

She provides a bespoke service, working with the client to come up with the best programme of talks/workshops for your school, business or organisation.

Featured Topics Include:

but our space is accessible, surely that's enough

This interactive talk will take you through the definition of disability, how disability can look in your workplace and community, why you have to watch your language around disability, and give you clear steps on how to be a better disability ally.
This talk is perfect for organisational strategy and positive change to empower your teams confidence around disability and related issues. (can also be a workshop with further activities and strategies to help you make your workplace a more inclusive and welcoming space for disabled people

ditch the arm, keep the leg

Elizabeth’s Paralympic story which will inspire, motivate, and help you realise that resilience isn’t always about hanging on to the bitter end.
Through story and linking to positive psychology research, Elizabeth will take you on a journey that reveals the effortlessness of letting things go and how letting go can help you soar. This talk is perfect for after dinner, team away days, or award evening days

how to be a better disability ally

This workshop will support you in exploring disability, accessibility, language, and allyship in a safe and non-judgemental way.

We will cover topics such as:
What is Disability?
The best language to use.
What is the difference between accessibility and inclusion?
How can you be the best disability ally you can be.

resilient you

This workshop will use positive psychology and character research strategies to build the resilience, confidence and leadership skills of your team. Elizabeth has a degree in character education which imbues her workshops with solid research backing.
Her use of story helps to illustrate the concepts and strategies used, whilst also entertaining and inspiring the participants.

We will cover topics such as:
What are character strengths and how can they make me more resilient?
Gratitude 101 – how can being grateful make you resilient?
WOOP it up goal strategies.
Teamwork is key to success


Elizabeth joined us at Cathedral Academy for a whole day of talks. She spoke to entire year groups and the feedback from ALL staff and students who heard her speak was exceptional. She was inspirational and very open to discussing her journey and disability. Elizabeth encouraged the audience to ask questions and she was very receptive to answering all their questions. It was a pleasure to welcome her into our Academy

-Associate Senior Leader, Cathedral Academy


It went REALLY well this morning/afternoon... We've learnt so much, and feel extremely challenged in a really good way.

Kristin Street and team, EA Games


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