We have put together a list of FAQs surrounding booking a speaker for an event.
Hopefully this covers any and all questions you may have.

However if you still have queries, just give us a call and one of our very friendly and helpful agents will be able to help and support you.
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How to book a Speaker?

This FAQ is the most common…If you have looked on the website and filtered by your budget and topics and have a speaker in mind then you can submit an enquiry or call us to get the availibility and run through any questions you have.

If you, like most, have no idea who to pick as your speaker for your event, the first thing is to get in contact with us. We will listen to your event brief and discuss budget and then we can suggest a selection of speakers to review.
We can arrange a pre contract call or answer any questions you may have – all free of charge.

FAQs Do speakers provide virtual keynotes?

Do speakers provide virtual keynotes?

All of our speakers can deliver presentations virtually as well as in-person. Some speakers are equipped with a home studio and green screen, while others will share their presentation through the virtual platform you choose to work with

We ensure that all speakers that we work with have a professional virtual set up. We can arrange the pre event call to be delivered via the virtual platform that you are using for your event, so that you can test all technical equipment prior to the event day.

How long is a standard presentation?

Most speakers deliver presentations that are 60-90 minutes long and are fairly flexible if the agenda changes.

We find that Keynote speeches are most effective when they are between 60-90 minutes long for live events, and 40-60 minutes long for virtual events.

Virtual events that have interactive components, such as a live Q&A, are very effective at keeping audiences engaged.

How long is a standard presentation?
FAQs How much does it cost to book a speaker?

How much does it cost to book a speaker?

There is no set price for booking a speaker as the cost will
differ depending on the length of appearance, the type of speech and type of
speaker you are looking for.

As a general rule of thumb, prices start at around £1000 and
increase depending on the speaker.


Generally speaking, you will pay more for an industry expert
or a well known name.

Let us know your budget and we can suggest speakers based on this and your brief.

What is the lead time for booking a keynote speaker?

Ideally, you should be booking your speaker 3-6 months before your event. This time allows for more speaker availability and give you the capacity to take the time to find the right speaker, meet with them and determine the best way for them to meet your needs.

In recent years, event lead times have shortened and as such we have adapted to be able to work with clients for last minute events.

No lead time is too small for us, however be aware that highly sought after and well known speakers, may require longer lead times for booking.
Please keep this in mind when planning your event.

What is the lead time for booking a keynote speaker?​

Why should I use a speaker bureau?

There are many ways you can book a speaker, but using a speaker bureau or agency is perhaps the most effective way.
This is because we work with you in the lead up to your event to ensure the best possible speaker and handle any and all requirements that come with the booking.

We are paid a commission by our speakers when we book them, so there is no fee to our clients.

Essentially, a bureaus role is to listen to your needs, and create a customized proposal for your event, take care of all the details including travel arrangements, pre-event calls, logistics and more.

FAQs Why should I use a speaker bureau?

I am a speaker - How do I join?

If you’re a speaker looking for advice or representation, get in touch by clicking the link below or by giving us a call on 02079932724

FAQs I am a speaker - How do I join?

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