Change & Uncertainty Speakers

The only thing constant in business is change. We all know this; so why is it difficult for us to predict and deal with?

The impact of the pandemic continues to be felt worldwide, it’s not surprising that businesses are asking for support on how to lead and manage their business with change.

Navigating the uncertainty of the path ahead in ways that minimize the ongoing fall out will require all who occupy leadership roles to rethink risk beyond its usual parameters. Alongside not letting mental health take a backseat, this rapid changing business climate comes with  external factors such as competition from active rivals, technological innovation and the ever evolving political landscape.

It is safe to say for most organisations, the company strategy for the coming year may involve a fair amount of change. This is where a change management or uncertainty Speaker can prove invaluable.

Below are just a few of our top Speakers who are skilled with content such as dealing with uncertainty, fear, risk and effort, overcoming obstacles, attitude and adversity.

John Peters came to the world’s attention in January 1991, when his bruised and battered face flashed onto television screens around the world as a prisoner of war. It was his disfigured image that became a potent symbol of Saddam Hussein’s ruthless aggression.

John has followed Mr Nelson Mandela on stage in South Africa, (achieving a standing ovation), followed Heads of State and spoken for Royalty.  At home with corporate, government or third sector audiences, he speaks on resilience, leadership, dealing with uncertainty, agility and high-performance mindset.

Anastasia’s mission is to change the way companies treat their clients and employees worldwide. Her passion and energy for service ignites leaders to make change needed and possible.

As a professional keynote speaker and consultant, Anastasia uses her experience and multicultural background to help audiences around the world to get inspired to provide ultimate service and to build a system around what seems to be a ‘pink fog’, i.e., customer service.

Monty Halls is a Broadcaster, Explorer, Leadership Trainer, Speaker. 

Monty has developed a one-of-a-kind leadership and team building system for the professional and education sectors.

A former Royal Marines Officer who worked for Nelson Mandela during the peace process in the early nineties, Monty left the forces to pursue a career in expeditions, travel journalism, and marine biology.

Brendan Hall is an award-winning speaker, author, coach and consultant who helps create high performance cultures for teams and organisations.

In his speeches, Brendan explores the driving forces behind his team’s extraordinary result, including a focus on embracing change, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, autonomy, trust and creating a culture of full ownership.

Fredrik Härén is an author and global keynote speaker on Business Creativity, Change and Global Business.

Fredrik Härén has spent 25 years traveling across the globe to learn about humanity’s ability to develop great ideas. His research has resulted in 10 books, hundreds of articles, and more than 2000 speeches successfully delivered in over 70 countries on 6 continents. His book “The Idea Book” was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

Overcoming the impossible adversities and triumphing against all odds, inspiring others to thrive.

Liza Pavlakos is a successful entrepreneur and a powerful speaker who has inspired over 100,000 audiences across six continents. Founder of Positive Breakthroughs, she is a qualified psychotherapist and transformational executive coach empowering others to succeed in the face of adversity.

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