Inspirational Speakers – February 2024

Inspirational Speakers – February 2024 We are well and truly in the swing of 2024 now! With neurodiversity awareness week and International Womens day just around the corner, we are busy booking phenomenal speakers for events.We have had a huge increase in certain topics which has led to a demand in taking on new speakers […]

Inspirational Speakers – January 2024

Inspirational Speakers – January 2024 Very excited as this is my first official blog post – and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you all! Last year was an incredible year for our team, as we continued to work alongside our clients and speakers helping to make their events unforgettable!We have been working on a […]

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 18th – 24th March 2024 What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week? Neurodiversity Celebration Week, endeavours to challenge the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding neurological differences. Its goal is to change how neurodivergent people are perceived and supported by promoting awareness and appreciation of their unique talents and strengths. The aim is to reshape the […]

Olympic & Paralympic Speakers

Olympic & Paralympic Speakers Booking an Olympic & Paralympic Keynote Speaker: Inspiration Guaranteed! Olympic & Paralympic speakers are known for sharing their experiences and insights on a variety of topics, including change, adversity, resilience, leadership, teamwork, mindset and much more.. With the Paris 2024 Games approaching, demand for Olympic & Paralympic speakers is expected to […]

Awards & After Dinner Speakers

Awards & After Dinner Speakers Engage and Entertain Your Audience with a Booking of an After-Dinner Speaker or Host As the year winds down, award parties and company celebrations are becoming more common. What better way to celebrate than with an entertainer or after-dinner speaker? Make your event unforgettable with some help from us! Clare […]

Inspirational Speakers – November 2023

Inspirational Speakers – November 2023 New Speakers Michael Johnson Michael Johnson is Four time Olympic Gold Medallist and the best 200/400 metre sprinter in the history of the sport of track & field.Michael Johnson is the best 200/400 metre sprinter in the history of the sport of track & field, Johnson’s progressions through the ranks […]

AI & Future Trends Speakers

AI & Future Trends Speakers Discovering the Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence in Business It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence is transforming our daily lives and the business world. From shopping and advertising to driving and education, AI is at the heart of many significant changes. However, the question remains: is AI safe? Our […]

Inspirational Speakers – October 2023

Inspirational Speakers – October 2023 New Speakers Ella Sy Ella Sy is a Business Futures Strategy Director and Consultant at GDR. She is focused on providing retailers, brands and hospitality clients with thought leadership, insights and wayfinding to the future.Ella’s driving force as a speaker and thought leader is to be a catalyst for business […]

Black History Month Speakers

Black History Month 2023 Black History Month was created to challenge racism and to celebrate black culture and the lives of black people who have done remarkable things for all around the world. It has since grown into a national event that is celebrated annually throughout the month of October. This years theme is: Celebrating […]

Inspirational Speakers – September 2023

Inspirational Speakers – September 2023 September tends to be the busiest month for us, as the summer holidays finish and clients look to get a jump on events for the next year.With that in mind, all our staff made sure they had a lovely break over the summer and enjoyed well deserved downtime, ready to […]