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Steve Davies MBE Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

'Riding the Wave!'

An extraordinary story of leadership and achievement from military to man-made surf paradise. 

Steve Davies has had a lifetime of experiences operating in complex and challenging environments.  He has held senior positions in the private and third sectors, and in the military, and has an incredible record of achievement in each.

Steve's is a story rich in its content and laden with key messages to benefit a corporate audience. His style is calm, assured and very entertaining but his messages are compelling and will help to drive business performance. An experienced high level international negotiator, Steve Davies is a leading authority on the topics of leadership, diversity, high pressure negotiation and driving through complex challenges to successful completion.

As a former Army Officer Steve Davies had held a diverse range of roles, including becoming Commanding Officer of his Regiment, and responsibility for the coordination of over 20,000 troops, supported by a budget in excess of £80 million. His roles include acting as a personal military advisor to the President of Sierra Leone (where, on his own initiative, in his 'spare' time he developed the Country's railway museum!), and postings in Sarajevo and Northern Ireland, where he dealt with the civil aftermath and repercussions of the Omagh bomb.  He was awarded the MBE for his services to the military.

In his post-military career Steve Davies has opened the world's first inland surfing centre and has been Director of the National Railway Museum. Steve is an experienced media interviewee and spokesperson, including an appearance on Top Gear! 

Whether it is shipping very large steam locomotives across the Atlantic, or negotiating defence budgets with Government, Steve Davies has a balanced hand.  His experience, insight and vision to 'Ride the Wave' make him very hot property on the emerging speaker market. 

Some talk a great game, but this speaker has been there, seen it and done it! 

Steve Davies looks forward to sharing his amazing story with you. 

Steve Davies MBE Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Steve Davies MBE Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

An extraordinary life journey of leadership, adventure and achievement

Steve Davies is no ordinary platform speaker. He is a man of action

Steve Davies has had a life experience of thinking big, thinking fast, and making his own luck

Steve Davies is a man of many parts. He is a highly decorated military man, a renowned start up entrepreneur, and a story teller par excellence

Steve Davies understands pressure, precision of thought and true accountability – his decisions impacted on the survival of Battalion lives

Steve Davies is very much a man who has been on the front line. His experiences and insight into the DNA of the military is fascinating and he explains how the corporate world can benefit from adopting some of these techniques and strategies 

Steve’s deep understanding of the underlying culture of the military, based upon trust, empowerment and loyalty allows him to share compelling views on effective leadership and team dynamics 

Here is his background


Born in Lancashire in 1959, Steve Davies rose quickly through the ranks of the British Army, earning a commission in recognition of his potential. A graduate of both Sandhurst and the Army Staff College he rose quickly through the ranks to become Commanding Officer of his Battalion, the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment.  His postings have included tours in Northern Ireland in the wake of the Omagh bombings, for which he received a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS), and acting as personal military adviser to the President of Sierra Leone. 

Steve Davies  was involved in the planned withdrawal from Hong Kong and has served with the Rapid Reaction Corps in Sarajevo (for which he was awarded the MBE). He was appointed Commander of the Army’s Command and Staff Trainer, and promoted to full Colonel in June 2004. His final posting was as Chief of Staff Headquarters 2nd Division in Edinburgh, responsible alongside other duties for crisis planning for 45% of the UK Mainland.

The diversity of his military experiences has allowed Steve Davies to gain a fascinating insight into how the Army functions from all perspectives, including the heat and reality of the front line to the strategic and tactical frameworks that the British Army has employed in becoming one of the most effective defence organisations in the world. 

Making tracks after the Military

Steve Davies  has used the experience he gained in the Army to become Director of the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester) in 2008, followed by appointment as the Director of the National Railway Museum in 2010. During this time he arranged for the free shipping of two 160 ton locomotives from Canada and the USA for an exhibition that received numerous UK national tourism awards generating over 400,000 visitors and a £0.5m operating profit.

Between 2012 – 2015 Steve Davies has led the development of the highly ambitious £15m Surf Snowdonia project, an artificial inland surfing facility in North Wales, securing a £4m support package from the Welsh Government. Steve was responsible for delivering this project from concept stage, through design and build and launch into full operational status. This work required tenacious negotiation and subtle political skills, underpinned by a highly effective PR and Marketing Campaign.

Steve Davies has extensive experience of working in the media, and has even appeared on Top Gear! He is an accomplished and compelling public speaker, able to draw upon his range of extraordinary experiences to fascinate, inspire and motivate his audience.

Steve Davies is married with two grown up children. He holds numerous honorary Trustee, Patron and Presidential positions, and has personal entry in Who’s Who. 


Steve Davies MBE Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Steve Davies, I am writing to say a huge thank you for your keynote speech at the Conwy Business Week Leadership Day on 20th November 2015. 

Your choice of topic comparing leadership in the military to leadership in both private business and the public services arena was particularly appropriate for the audience.

There were a large number of delegates who commented on both the challenging nature of your talk in aiming to " get it right", but also how inspiring it was to be enthused and motivated to implement some of your practical lessons and examples into practice.

I think the number of questions posed at the end of your talk was further evidence that we were privileged to listen to your talk os practical examples of experience translated into a manual of leadership skills!

We really appreciate your time and commitment to the Conwy Business Week and send our renewed thanks for taking part

As one delegate said on leaving " Steve Davies delivered a truly challenging and inspiring presentation"

Rob Evans  

Business Development Offices  Conwy County Borough Council

Steve Davies delivered a ’tour de force’ for TLC members and invited guests from University of Liverpool Management School. Steve Davies’s unique experience of life (senior army officer, Director of National Railway Museum and now MD of Surf Snowdonia) made him an utterly fascinating and beguiling speaker.  Steve Davies’s huge enthusiasm not only shone through but also his ability to take on ‘Mission Impossible” (yet again) and make it succeed was just the lesson of experience  that the audience sought.  

Stephen Fletcher JP FRSA  June 2015