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Simon Forster Inspirational Speaker

Simon Forster is a charismatic motivational speaker with years of experience in the area of personal development, delivering keynote speeches, seminars and training programmes. 

In 1997 Simon Forster  founded his own corporate and personal development training company covering leadership and management development, executive coaching, team-building and organisational change management.

Simon Forster uses his experience in human behaviour, behavioural dynamics, learning patterns and performance psychology to assist individuals, teams and businesses achieve their best. His poignant messages allow an individual to ask themselves the right questions, in the right way to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Simon Forster is a gifted communicator with a dynamic, anecdotal delivery that connects with his audience. Simon opens mindsets, challenges delegates way of thinking, leaving individuals feeling inspired and motivated.

Key Messages / Delivery Topics Include:

Achieving Your Success – Stretch boundaries and create a new normal of behaviour.

Attitude – Inspire, empower, engage, motivate and energise.

Business Performance – Connect individual, team and organisation performance to increase business success.

Employee Engagement – Creating a collaborative, aligned and motivated team.

High Performing Culture – Engage, motivate and energise teams.

Leadership – Inspiring people to outperform themselves.

Motivation – Opening mindsets, eliciting awareness and choice.

Peak Performance – Achieve your goals and outperform your competition.

Positive Mind Sets – Opening minds to achieve more than individuals believe they are capable of.

Realising Potential –Enhance and improve performance in all aspects of your lives.

Simon Forster Inspirational Speaker

Simon Forster  Inspirational Speaker

Simon Forster is an engaging, charismatic motivational speaker. He is a gifted communicator with a dynamic, anecdotal delivery that can tap into the hearts and minds of his audience.

Simon Forster challenges his audiences’ way of thinking, opening minds to think creatively, inspire others, get results, become role models and create high performing cultures

Through focusing upon simple strategies and techniques that essentially, everyone can not only relate to but can also effectively utilise on a daily basis Simon Forster empowers his audience to enhance and improve their performance and success enabling them to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

For over 20 years Simon Forster has used his expertise in performance psychology, occupational psychology, behavioural dynamics and learning patterns to deliver keynote speeches and training programmes that  inspire, empower, engage, motivate and energise the teams he has worked with.

 In 1997 Simon Forster founded his own corporate and personal development training company specialising in leadership and management development, executive coaching, team building and organisational change management.

Working with numerous delegates for many years, Simon Forster found it is apparent that each individual is on a different journey and each receives the same message in a different way. Everyone has questions that they want answers for, Simon's poignant messages allow an individual to ask themselves the right questions, in the right way to move their lives in the right direction.

Simon Foster will work with you to ensure that his delivery is memorable and relevant to your organisation. His expertise and delivery style will generate the energy, drive and motivation within the audience to deliver your companies vision.

Regardless of whether your organisations objectives are based on financial results, product innovation or sustainable growth your people will be the key to your success. To achieve your goals and outperform your competition you must get the best from your people. You need a culture which engages, motivates and energises your teams…  Simon Forster can help!

Simon Forster Inspirational Speaker

Sharing in Growth, Rolls Royce plc, Sytner Group plc, BT, Kelloggs, Procter & Gamble, BAE Systems, IBM, Panasonic UK Ltd, Forever Living Products, Unilever, Seasons, HMRC and Saville & Holdsworth Ltd

Simon Forster’s skill is in challenging your personal beliefs, motivations and behaviour using solid research with a highly engaging delivery style. This is proven to have impact from board members to operational team members and is particularly powerful in forming, guiding and coaching any team that is faced with a big challenge." 

CEO - Sharing in Growth UK Ltd

"Simon Forster helped us 'raise the bar' last year and we've again asked for their help this year, so we can 'knock it out of the ball park!" 

Global Purchasing Executive - UK FTSE 100 Company

"Simon Forster  was very enthusiastic and motivational but he balanced this with good business sense and useful frameworks & tools that the management population can take away and use - this was exactly what we wanted." 

HR Manager - Large Aircraft ISS

"Simon Forster's speech was great fun, thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking. Simon really added value to our Communication Day." 


"Simon Forster It has been a great speech, lively and engaging and the audience feedback has been throughout positive. Many thanks for your support to make this happen." 

Procter & Gamble

"The methods and philosophies Simon  Forster showed us stayed with us all year, and no doubt contributed to our success in delivering our strategic and financial plan." 

Executive - Rolls Royce UK Ltd