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Serita Shone Inspirational speaker for schools

Serita Shone's International career started  in athletics at the young age of 15 where she represented England in the Pentathlon, this led to Serita winning the English Schools competition aged 18 and then to representing Great Britain in the heptathlon.

In the summer of 2011 Serita Shone had the opportunity to trial for the British Bobsleigh team and, after intense physical testing, was selected as part of the World Class Performance squad and the 2014 Olympic squad. In October 2011, during Serita's first bobsleigh season, a training crash occurred where she suffered a broken back. After lifesaving operations to reconstruct her spine and seven weeks of treatment she was released from hospital.

Despite this career threatening injury, Serita has now resumed training and competing and against all the odds, she claimed a bronze medal in the British Bobsleigh Championships in March 2013. 

Serita Shone has a passion for sport and says: "I want to show young people that even the most serious of setbacks can be overcome. In sharing my story, hopefully I can inspire them to never give up on the dreams they have. Sport is a very powerful tool and has taught me the meaning of friendship, support, team work, commitment, understanding and compassion." 

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Serita Shone Inspirational Speaker for schools

From the age of 11 it was clear that Serita’s natural talents were going to take her far and winning her first national athletics competition at the age of 12 showed Serita Shone that sport could well end up being a career. However being a young and talented woman meant Serita was good at leading her hand at a number of sports with her favourites being rugby, hockey, athletics, volleyball and kart racing.

Serita Shone began kart racing at the age of 8 and at the age of 15 was ranked 2nd in the national rankings, narrowly missing out on winning the title. Serita had a dream of being the first female formula one driver, but unfortunately financial restraints meant that dream would not come true. However she continued to compete and enjoys the buzz of racing!

By the age of 14 athletics was starting to become Serita’s number one sport and she began to focus all training around the pentathlon/heptathlon event, which was to be Serita’s prowess event in the future! Having first competed for England at the age of 15 Serita Shone worked her way up the ranks and in 2007 won the English Schools Senior Girls heptathlon event which propelled her into the International ranks, meaning selection for U20 and U23 Great Britain competitions. Serita then set her sights on 2012 Olympic selection.

In the summer of 2011 due to injury Serita Shone faced a hard decision, take time away from athletics as a recurrent stress fracture injury meant limited training and competition, or change sports, she decided to change sports and was selected after a very stringent selection process to be part of the Great Britain Bobsleigh team, on the World Class Performance Squad and in the 2014 Olympic selection group.  Serita felt like she had finally made it, after a few years suffering form injury and not reaching her full potential this was her chance to shine; unfortunately that was not meant to be.

During the British bobsleigh championships in Winterberg, Germany on the eve of the 26th October 2011, in preparation for the forthcoming Europa Cup competitions, Serita was involved in a horrific bobsleigh accident, which left her with a broken spine in two places, and the possibility of paralysis. Serita underwent 2 life-saving operations in Germany, and thankfully due to some superb surgery Serita left hospital after 7 weeks able to use both her legs and with hope that her Olympic dream was still alive.

Serita’s journey has been far from easy; She had to learn to use her legs again, deal with sympathetic and automatic nervous system problems, some of which she still has today, the emotion journey as well as the physical, and having to deal with how much work needed to be put in to get her back in the running to be part of the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi Russia.
Serita is now back in full time training and has proved many medical practitioners wrong in terms of getting back to elite sport so quickly after such a serious injury, and is determined to achieve her aspirations of being an Olympian. This was confirmed when Serita competed in the Shot Putt event at the 2012 Olympic games test event and finished 7th in the final just 6 months after breaking her back, showing how hard she has worked and will continue to work to achieve her goals.

Serita Shone was the centre of much media attention and still is today and thus has become very well practiced and confident speaker at conferences, schools, after dinner events, media interviews both television and newspaper, engaging audiences and inspiring nations both at home and overseas. With her very open, honest, real, accurate and emotional recall of her career, that fateful night and journey since, Serita gives a very motivational, inspirational and courageous speech which will touch every person and inspire those around her. With her additional qualifications of being a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist qualified to Masters Level, Serita can also combine real life experiences with educational and business knowledge making her a very sought after speaker at many events.

Serita Shone believes that her story, the trials and tribulations she has had to endure and the hope she now has for the future will inspire any person, business and organisation to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations, and highlights that even the hardest, most difficult journeys can still lead to a successful and well deserved outcome.

Serita can speak on the following topics:


Achieving goals under pressure and adverse conditions, 

 Overcoming adversity,

 Sports in schools,



  Female succeeding  in a male dominated environments,

  Elite sport and the challenges, 

  Inspiring a generation in business and sport.

Serita was a sheer delight.  Her enthusiasm was contagious. She spoke to the pupils and parents with a natural and relaxed manner with good eye contact which is difficult to do when addressing a crowd of 1000.  Her message dove tailed perfectly with the Headmaster’s and student’s speeches.
Seaford College - June 2014

Moulton College 1st Annual Applied Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Conference 2012:
The conference focussed on all aspects of applied strength and conditioning and rehabilitation including insights from the management of performance sport and practical demonstrations of rehabilitation and coaching.
Having Serita as keynote speaker was the perfect way to bring together all the aspects of the conference together.  Serita told a fascinating story of her development as an elite athlete through her various sporting endeavours and the journey that she took to get there.  However it was her awe inspiring and emotionally charged insight to her 2011 crash and subsequent rehabilitation that had the delegates spellbound.
She was the ultimate professional throughout the whole day and spent time engaging with many of those in attendance.
We cannot recommend Serita more highly and would welcome any chance to have her back.
Moulton College