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Ruby Wax Comedienne, Keynote Speaker, Mental health Speaker and Awards Host. 

Ruby Wax is a well known TV personality, actor and has been an active voice in the battle against mental illness. She facilitates workshops and presents keynotes which focus on neuroscience, communication, and leadership. She effortlessly combines humor with heavy and important topics. Her keynotes are captivating and informative. 

Ruby Wax is upfront, sassy and with a reputation for posing questions no one else would think to ask.

Ruby Wax has become one of the best known and popular faces on television in recent years. She has also performed stand-up comedy and toured extensively around the globe. In her own unique and inimitable style Ruby has confronted Imelda Marcos, irritated Donald Trump and been intimate with Pamela Anderson, she is one of the few television personalities who has cracked Cannes and Hollywood.

Her TV shows get under the skin of celebrity and seek out the wackier side of life.

She is in demand not only for dinner speaking and entertainment, but also moderates conferences, where a sharp brain, wittiness and humour is of essence.

Ruby Wax Comedienne, Keynote Speaker, Mental health Speaker and Awards Host. 

Ruby Wax Comedienne, Keynote Speaker, Mental health Speaker and Awards Host. 

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Ruby Wax majored in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and then moved to the UK where she studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

As a child she had a gift in canoeing, but was forced to drop it because it was considered  there was no future in it.

In 1977, Ruby Wax  joined the Royal Shakespeare Company working alongside Helen Mirren and Juliet Stevenson.
"I really could never find my niche. I was a terrible actress, I couldn't sing, I couldn't do characters, I couldn't do an English accent and I lived in England, so I was narrowing it down”

Ruby Wax is a loud, funny woman &mdash who spent much of her comedy career battling depression in silence. Now her work blends mental health advocacy and laughs.

Ruby Wax Comedienne, Keynote Speaker, Mental health Speaker and Awards Host. 

Ruby the leader made a huge difference to the experience. Brilliant comic timing aside, she has a no-holds-barred approach to communication and a strong desire for feedback, which made the whole experience feel a lot more open and comfortable. The huge cultural mix also meant it was important to have someone competent at communicating without shyness or reservation.
Colin Graham, Product Manager, Skype

Thank you for spending two days with us in Tallinn [Latvia] and being such a great host for the meetings while dealing with dead-fish pastry, snow blizzards and silly hats! Your style and approach went down really well.
Michael van Swaaij, CEO, Skype

Ruby did a great job getting people to open up and focus on where we are. It was very refreshing. She found the right tone between sceptical and conciliatory. You go offsite to get people to think differently. Having someone from outside like Ruby really helps!
Rodrigo Madanes, Chief Product Strategist, Skype

Ruby was simple, direct, and practical. Instead of dwelling on issues, she prodded me by saying - OK, try this. I found her approach very helpful. She'll be pleased to know that I have had some good results from that trying:-) I would like to have another session with her."
Suchi Mukherjee, Head of User Experience and Communications, Skype

A fantastic experience: I learned some new communication skills that will be useful and unique in their applicability.

Ruby Wax is widely know for the quickness of her wit, and humour, but in addition she has extraordinary intellectual ability and is very astute about human behaviour and psychological functioning. Her intelligence is breathtaking; she is guaranteed to leave the listener with something to be treasured.
Camila Batmanghelidjh, CEO, Kids Company

Thank you so much for all your hard work in providing us with a superb input and support at the Promethean event. Jean Yves [CEO] was keen that your involvement should continue into the next meeting. You brought JY alive in front of the very people who most need to know him well, and safely!
Mark Hamlin, Organisation Resource Limited

Ruby's compassion, empathy and good humour shine through. She is an excellent communicator and the women in the groups we worked with always ask after her and want to know when she is coming back to The Royal Marsden. It was a fantastic experience working with her and I am sure she will be a great spokeswoman for the issued raised by living in the twenty-first century.
Natalie Doyle, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you so much for your wonderful speech at the OXPIP [Oxford Parent Infant Project] lunch. I have received so many calls and messages from guests saying how you brought the subject of attachment alive in such an entertaining way.
Andrea Leadsom, OXPIP Chair