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Robin Launder-Inspirational Speaker

Robin Launder is a motivating, humorous and fast-paced speaker. His presentations take forward his life-long work of helping people be the best they can be. Robin's background is mental health, education and the Prison Service – a background from which he borrows heavily to make the point that we are all capable of remarkable things, regardless of our starting position in life. 

However, Robin Launder's sessions are much more than a simple 'you can do it' message. He will also show you how it's done: how to unlock your potential, achieve your goals and, along the way, enjoy the journey. The fundamentals of success, he says, are always the same and those fundamentals – whatever the naysayers might say – are learnable. 

Key messages  

Know your mind

Embrace failure

Get gritty

Robin Launder  Inspirational Speaker

Robin Launder  Inspirational Speaker

Robin Launder is a motivating, humorous and fast-paced speaker. His presentations take forward his life-long work of helping people be the best they can be. Robin’s background is mental health, education and the Prison Service – a background from which he borrows heavily to make the point that we are all capable of remarkable things, regardless of our starting position in life. 

Robin Launder  is a speaker in high demand, but despite this he still manages to teach for two days a week at a large Pupil Referral Unit in Watford. Robin works with students who are at risk of permanent exclusion, taking them through the nationally accredited Thinking Matters programme, a programme that he himself designed and developed. 

Those who attend Robin Launder’s talks and presentations say that time seems to just rush by, whether they are experiencing a punchy introductory keynote or a full day of training. His sessions are ‘light-bulb moments’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘bursting at the seams with practical application’. And so they should be, for Robin Launder talks about what he knows best: making real and sustained progress, for the individual and the organisation. 

For corporate clients, Robin Launder presents on four key topics:

Mindsets and Motivation explores mindset theory, Carol Dweck’s influential work on learning and motivation. The session will explain what the theory is, why it’s important, and how to embed it in your organisation. You will also learn about your own mindset and how, if necessary, you can change it. The session is great as a keynote or as a standalone session.

The Business Brain is neuroscience for business leaders. We are our brains – everything we do or don’t do originates from that 3lb blob of evolved brilliance. So, if you want to be an effective business leader, you need the inside on what’s going on inside our skulls. You need to know how we think, learn and remember; the neurological process behind creativity; what fires our neurons and what numbs them.  By understanding how the brain works you’ll be better placed to get the best out of people. After all, it’s the the grey matter that really matters.

The Power of No explores the importance of being able to say ‘no’ to yourself. It’s a vital skill – in fact, it’s a prerequisite for success. If you can’t control yourself, then there’s no way you can control the environment around you. So, you have to be able to avoid distraction, delay gratification and control impulsivity. If you can do that, then there’s no limit to what you can do. The session will also show you how these skills – for that is what they are, skills – can be developed and embedded in the individual and in the organisation.

From Classroom to Boardroom shares the attributes of the outstanding teacher. Why is that important? Because the outstanding teacher is the teacher that makes a difference. The outstanding teacher is a great communicator, a consistent boundary-keeper and an inspirational leader. Research shows that the most important factor influencing student achievement is the teacher. Get the right teacher and you get the right results. This session will show you what that teachers does to get those results – and results, of course, are as important to the world of business as they are to the world of education.

For education-related presentations, Robin launder  presents on behaviour management, neuroscience for teachers and evidenced-based teaching. He is a leader in each of these fields.

Please note that despite working for 17 years in the Prison Service, those attending Robin’s sessions are rarely escorted to the loo and are normally allowed to go home at the end of the day. 

Key messages  

Know your mind

Embrace failure

Get gritty

Robin Launder - Inspirational Speaker

The ninety-minute twilight session on Mindsets and Motivation that Robin Launder led was outstanding. I have never experienced a more positive response from my teachers and support staff to any CPD activity. Robin’s fast-paced and humorous delivery engaged everyone and led to instant changes in practice and outlook. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit from Robin if you are looking for high impact training.

Steve Kelly, Headteacher, Arnold Academy

This training was motivational as well as developmental. I learnt a great deal both as a leader, a teacher and as a grandmother. Robin Launder has inspired me to change the way that I use praise within the workplace. 

Dame Helen Hyde, Headteacher, Watford Grammar School for Girls

Robin Launder has run the behaviour management training for our cluster of schools (72 primaries, 12 secondaries) now for the last five years. Hundreds of teachers, both primary and secondary, have benefitted from his training. Whenever I get a chance, I always recommend him. I don’t think there is a teacher anywhere that wouldn’t benefit from one of Robin’s courses or INSET sessions. First rate! We are very lucky to have him as part of our team. 

Rosi Jordon, Chessbrook Educational Support Centre

I consider this course to be essential CPD for every teacher in my school. The benefits and impact have been huge; teachers are empowered and successful in creating a positive learning environment. With its promotion of practical strategies and a reflective approach, this training significantly supports development to Outstanding teaching and learning

Anne Haywood, Headteacher, The Grove Academy, Watford

Having already attended a session on growth mindset back in 2013 in Bahrain I initially thought that it might have been simply a repeat of what I saw back then but I was hugely impressed with Robin Launder's approach and the way he contextualised research findings to relate the theory to learning and what we can do to change from fixed to growth. The presentation design and Robin’s personal style were very enjoyable – and I know my colleagues were equally impressed.

Nick Atkins, The Polesworth School

In October we had whole school Behaviour inset with Robin Launder. We do our own internal CPD so this was our first external input for a couple of years. The session that Robin delivered was ideal for our staff and was very well received. In a 90 minute presentation we had the opportunity to reflect on our current practice and to look at a number of practical approaches to improving behaviour management in our classrooms. Robin Launder’s input was clear, appropriate to all colleagues and entirely relevant to our context – a large rural comprehensive with OFSTED “good” for behaviour, but with the all too common, “low level” issues that can impact on classroom progress. Robin Launder’s delivery style made the session extremely enjoyable and put colleagues at ease. The feedback to me has been very positive and since the training we have been actively modelling a number of the approaches around school. The introduction of new routines and the focus on one particular approach is having a significant impact for one of our subject areas. As a behaviour CPD input I would fully recommend Robin Launder’s session. We were time limited so had to go for 90 minutes, however Robin’s preparation and delivery meant that we were still able to cover a lot of ground.

Tim Jordan, Warriners

I attended Robin Launder's training day and found it to be very informative. It was delivered with enthusiasm and energy, which made it an excellent and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone working in challenging environments. Highly recommended.

Trevor Dolling, Kingsway School

Robin Launder delivered an excellent morning session to our full staff group. They were engaged from start to finish because Robin was engaging from start to finish. High energy, entertaining and – most importantly of all – what he had to say was worth listening to. Very, very helpful CPD

Paula Fergusson, Haywood Academy

As a school we have long recognised the importance of a positive mindset, of working hard and trying one’s best. We were familiar with Carol Dweck’s Mindset research, but were unsure of how to roll out the message and strategies more widely. Although we felt staff were amenable to the theory of Mindsets and Motivation, we were less sure that asking a member of school staff to ‘sell it’ and ask staff to do yet more would work for us. Then, we discovered Robin Launder! Robin came into school and delivered a series of talks to staff, students and parents. He opened our eyes and challenged us the teaching professionals (and the parents) to be careful of our own fixed views. He brought everyone with him; convinced with humour, facts and real credibility that forging ahead with Mindsets work was the only option. Everyone rated his sessions highly. One parent wrote ‘Fantastic. Thank you so much for running this session for parents. I have tried so many times to talk to my daughter about mindsets and motivation to no avail. She came home from her session today truly inspired and I can see why’. Even our most sceptical Year 11s were won round! Robin Launder has genuinely inspired us in so many ways: we now have a Mindsets Staff and Student Working Party and have integrated real working strategies into lessons, assemblies, and intervention work. Thank you Robin. Without your support, we would not have come as far as we have.

Sharon Cromie, Executive Headteacher, Wycombe High School Multi Academies Trust

Robin Launder’s presentation was inspirational and it has had an immediate impact in the classroom with many of our staff now confidently using the language of ‘Growth Mindset’ in their lessons. Senior leaders now regularly see teachers experimenting with the use of descriptive praise and many teachers have enthusiastically selected Growth Mindset as their development focus for the coming year.

Loreto Harley, AST and Professional Tutor, Lea Manor High School