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Ray Hammond Futurologist, Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Ray Hammond is Europe's most experienced futurologist with a proven track record for forecasting accuracy.  For 35 years he has been studying the major trends that will shape the future and he is now  living in the period that he first described three decades ago.

Ray Hammond is available for keynotes, pre-dinner speeches, workshops and seminars for the world's major corporations, for governments and for non-profit organizations.  He delivers inspirational and an awe inspiring vision of the future designed to help audiences navigate the  virtual economy. This vision is interpreted from a business, climate, social, political, and economic perspective providing a rounded view of how best to prepare your organisation for what the future holds.

Ray is a naturally gifted speaker who requires no special  effects to capture his audiences. He has real warmth charm  and dynamism and, using plain language he cuts through complex technical issues, new innovations and business concepts to makes understanding easy. 

In recent years he has have been fortunate enough to speak for (and to be invited back by) many of the world's biggest companies including Apple, GE, IBM, MasterCard, HSBC, Barclaycard, McKinsey, Intel, Samsung, SAP, Adobe, Siemens, Dow Chemicals, Intel, Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture to name a few.

Ray is also a best selling author, and has  written 16 books about the future, the first of which was published in 1982.  Most notably, my 1984 work, THE ONLINE HANDBOOK, was the world's first book to describe the commercial potential of the internet and to identify the importance of "search".

Ray  is currently working on his new book called SMART BODIES: HOW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY WILL TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH.

Ray Hammond's track-record as a trend spotter and his natural ability as a speaker distinguish him from other more recently-arrived futurists or futurologists.  No European futurist competitor can offer a similar long-term body of published work about the future.  He is  a futurologist who has been proved right by the passage of time.

Ray Hammond Futurologist, Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Ray Hammond Futurologist, Inspirational and Motivational speaker

As a futurist (or futurologist, if you prefer the European term), Ray Hammond is a business speaker who provides keynote speeches, workshops and seminars for the world's major companies, for governments and for NGOs.

He is often asked to present an inspirational keynote address on the future at either the opening or closing of a conference or similar event.

When an event organizer wants to lift an audience, to get an event off to a rousing and exciting start - or to close it with an upbeat and stimulating message - Ray Hammond provides a view of the future which is both visionary and of practical use in a business environment.

His current topics include:

The Seven Key Drivers of The Future: 

Asymmetric World Population Growth, Climate Change, The On-going Energy Transition, the World's Poorest Two Billion People, Globalization, Accelerating Exponential Technology Development and the Multiple Revolutions in Medicine.

Digital Health - How wearables, on-body sensors and ambulatory health-data capture are going to change everything about medicine, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. 

The Future Of Travel and Transport - As self-driving cars arrive and wealthy Baby Boomers move into old age, how will the transport and travel industries change and adapt to these new opportunities? 

The Technological Singularity. What happens when computers are as clever as humans, and what happens when they are many times more clever? The implications of the long-term future. 

The Virtual Ape: Why humans love virtual business and social interactions and why Homo Sapiens is about to become Homo Virtualis 

The Mobile Data Revolution (What extended networks,hybrid networks and broadband mobile will do for your organization)

Generating and Capturing 'Business Process Intellectual Capital' Within Your Organization

Ray Hammond Futurologist, Inspirational and Motivational speaker

"On behalf of 650 spellbound delegates, thank you Ray. Your keynote address was just brilliant and we have had rich feedback. Your address was incisive, relevant, encouraging, frightening, profound and funny."

EuRA 2015, Porto, Portugal 

"We promised delegates at our conference something special, and Ray Hammond delivered."

Power Of Three Investors' Conference, Stockholm 

"Ray provided a really amazing early-evening speech. It provided plenty of fruitful discussion over dinner." 

Camelot Consulting AG, Montreaux, Switzerland 

"The Future Of Employment is a challenging topic, but Ray Hammond provided a convincing glimpse of what might be coming in his stimulating keynote." 

Employers' Network, London 

"Our international guests werestunned by Ray's vision of the mobile business future." 

Samsung Europe 

"Ray delivered the best keynote presentation I've ever heard." 

Union Of The European Lubricants Industry, Madrid 

"Everyone in the room was very impressed by Ray's unscripted but riveting speech." Marine Harvest, Gdansk, Poland 

"Participants loved the way Ray presented.This was a convincing alternative way of thinking about the future."

Royal Netherlands Airforce, Utrecht 

"Ray's speech was stunning. It made our evening!"

Atos-Samsung, Paris 

"One of the most engaging keynotes I've ever seen...Brilliant keynote, thanks...A brain-buzz of a talk...Superb talk...A presentation without bulletpointy slides can be a thing of interesting lovliness" 

Quotes from the Twitterfeed at Jisc #Digifest14, Birmingham 

"Wow! Talk about food for thought!" 

SAP Innovation Forum, London 

"I listened with great interest to Ray Hammond earlier and I made a note of the seven key drivers of the future he has identified." 

(Jack Welch pulls a handwritten list from his pocket and shows the audience.)

"I am speaking in New York tomorrow and I intend to steal all seven of Ray's drivers for that speech - and for all the speeches I make after that."

Jack Welch, ex CEO of General Electric, speaking at the IS Summit, Copenhagen 

"Ray is very authentic. He enriched our meeting." 

FARO, 3D Mapping Systems 

"I was due to go on after Ray and introduce the next speaker. But when he had finished I wasn't sure I could do it. I needed time to think about what he had said."

TechMahindra, FutureScapes, London 

"Ray was overwhelming: he delighted our audience." 

Val-I-Pac 15th Anniversary meeting, Brussels 

"It was the way Ray uses the whole room to engage with the audience that fascinated us. He really can work a room." 

"Innovation In Mind 2013", Lund University, Sweden 

"Ray was fabulous at the Intel 'Look Inside' launch in Moscow. It was one of the best events we held during the global launch." 

Intel Inc, Moscow 

"Entertaining and inspirational!"

Dana Petroleum plc, St Andrews, Scotland 

"Ray impressed and entertained our worldwide team. Everybody had great fun and a good time listening to him." 

Swiss Air Cargo, Switzerland 

"Ray Hammond's talk provoked a lot of interesting discussions which lasted for days - we had anincredibly positive reaction."

EURid, Castiglion del Boso, Tuscany 

"Ray, thank you for delivering such a fantastic performance. You closed our event on a high note - just as we had hoped." 

City West Housing Trust, Salford

"The evening talk Ray gave our chapter members in Cairo was perfectly tuned. He laid out the big issues that will affect business over the next twenty years." 

Young Presidents Organisation, Egypt 

"Ray gave us a wonderful start to our sales kick-off conferencein Barcelona. He gave us some real ideas to work with in the field." 

Unisys Europe 

"Mr Hammond's excellent speechopened our eyes to many important aspects of our daily life which we do not normally take into account. The participants at the congress will not forget his impressive conclusions. We are very proud he made it to Berne." 

Economiesuisse, Bern, Switzerland 

"It was great to welcome Ray Hammond back as a speaker.He always amazes his audiences- and he did so again in Kitzbühel!" 

EP Media, Austria 

"Ray was fantastic at our Creative Design day in London.The audience was mesmerised."

Adobe Systems Europe 

"Now that's what I call a TED talk!"

Tweet following Ray's appearance at TEDxSalford,UK 

"Ray Hammond - excellent talk.Definitely the highlight of TEDxSalford." 

Tweet following Ray's talk atTEDxSalford,UK 

"Ray was brilliant at our client conference in Cape Town. He is totally unlike other futurists and he takes a very philosophical approach to the issues." 

Telkom SA, South Africa 

"Ray has a natural gift for speaking. He has a conversation with his audience - a conversation many are reluctant to end" 

Infosys, Monte Carlo 

"We were delighted to welcome Ray back to a Mastercard event - this time in Monte Carlo. As always he tailored his talk to our audience and enthralled us about the future of payments technology. 

Mastercard, Europe 

"Ray made an outstanding contribution to our client conference. People were still discussing his presentation days later." 

Jardine Lloyds Thomson, Salzburg, Austria 

"Ray Hammond was a brilliant keynote speaker. He set the tone for the entire event." 

European Chamber Of Commerce, Seoul, South Korea 

"Lumenis is pleased to provide yet another glowing reference for Ray Hammond. He is asuperlative speaker - very philosophical." 

Lumensis Inc, Tel-Aviv 

"We wanted to hear about the big issues that will affect the future and Ray Hammond certainly provided us with much food for thought.

Koc Holdings, Istanbul