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Paul Bridle  Advisor, Strategic Consultant, Leadership Methodologist, Executive Coach, Conference Facilitator/Moderator and Inspirational speaker

Paul Bridle has studied effective organisations and the leadership behind them for over 20 years. 

Paul Bridle speaks from practical experience as CEO of Excellence Squared Limited, a company he rescued from decline to being a profitable concern and starting to grow internationally. 

Paul Bridle is known for his work on Leadership versus Management, Teams that Work, Culture and Engagement and his recent work on Customer Relationships.

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Paul Bridle  Advisor, Strategic Consultant, Leadership Methodologist, Executive Coach, Conference Facilitator/Moderator and Inspirational speaker

Paul Bridle is the world’s foremost leadership methodologist. For a quarter of a century, he has studied successful businesses and organisations, focusing on the people who lead them. His research has helped him determine the mindset&mdashand methodology&mdashrequired to become a successful leader.

“There is plenty of information out there. The challenge is putting it into context.”

Trying to make sense of the latest business trends can be a daunting task. Paul Bridle has identified the way successful businesses operate to ensure future success and contexualised the information so it’s much easier to understand. His global perspective, combined with personal research, leads to practical ideas people can actually use to improve their leadership and management skills.

Paul Bridle's presentations are enlightening, exciting, inspirational and informative. He presents the results of his years of research in a way that allows audiences to discover the true qualities of a leader and measure themselves against those standards. Audience members leave with practical tools to improve their leadership ability in their organization.

“I enjoy challenging people, helping them take a fresh look at what they need to do to improve their performance and become successful leaders.”

Paul Bridle is highly sought after for his presentations on leadership, teamwork and motivation. His most popular topics include:
•    Moving from Management to Leadership&mdashthe Key to Your Success: Differentiate between management and leadership and use a framework to evaluate and improve performance.
•    The Four Expectations of a Leader: Identify areas in which you are most effective and which need improvement. Ensure your organization can develop leaders who meet these needs.
•    Teamwork Is Dead&mdashLong Live Teams That Work: Measure teams against four qualities needed for a “Team That Works” and define the appropriate style of leadership for a specific team.
•    It Is Not About Customer Service&mdashIt Is About Relationships!: We use  words like customer service, customer excellence, customer excellence and others, without knowing what it means and requires.  It is time to really understand what is needed.
•    Stop Motivating Your People…It’s Not Your Job!: Discover the seven elements that need to be in place to empower people.
•    The Mindset of a Leader: Identify what prevents you from being a successful leader and use the single greatest technique to engage with others more effectively.

Paul’s global perspective is one of his key strengths. He has given presentations all over the world including the UK, USA, South Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, India, Singapore, China, Iran and Australia. He is also a personal Executive Coach to select business leaders, sits on International Advisory Boards and is a Non-Executive Director for various companies.

Due to his work, Paul has been voted 12th in the Top 20 Most Influential Leadership Gurus in the World for three consecutive years and was included in the top 100 Management Gurus of all time (2010). He is currently developing new learning methodologies in a period he calls “The Age of Just-in-time Learning.”

•    Leadership: The Never-Ending Story
•    Question Your Thinking
•    Things I Have Learnt from My Father/Son

Paul Bridle  Advisor, Strategic Consultant, Leadership Methodologist, Executive Coach, Conference Facilitator/Moderator and Inspirational speaker

“I gained a great deal from your research and the way you articulated your ideas. Your work and style has very neatly complemented the mix of theoretical, anecdotal and historical approaches, and for that I am very grateful indeed.” Group Captain P.W.D Ruddock Royal Air Force

“Paul spoke at this year’s retreat. The case study he showed from a restaurant in South Africa was inspiring and informative and left me with several concrete ideas to apply to my own business, which is in a very different sector. Paul’s insightful comments were extremely thought-provoking and highly valued by the CEOs present. We all left buzzing with ideas on how to improve our businesses.” Kate Ancketill, Managing Director, GDR Creative Intelligence

"Good takeaways, plus the speaker gave freely his website and email for questions. The best speaker I have experienced in all my years. Interesting ideas, provokes thought. Appreciated Paul's offer of being able to email him on my ideas in the next 30 days. Quite a lot of info for one morning. Good food for thought and great takeaways!"
- Ivan Goldburg

"I have only just got round to properly assessing the feedback which was overwhelmingly positive with ratings of 92.9% for value and 94.3% for communication, which must be about the highest scores the group has given. You must have touched a cord somewhere and certainly the group appreciated you being able to switch to accommodate their particular interests and concerns."
- Tony Price, Vistage

"You had clearly been listening to the points and questions the members were raising. That, along with your digesting of the briefing on the members and the introductory session on scoring their business and personal positions, allowed you to delve into issues that they found of great benefit. Hugh, who tends to be the most critical and ruthless when someone doesn't perform (he does run a very successful £170m t/o business), was delighted and scored you a double 10. A first"
- Alistair Muir, Glasgow