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Phil Ashby Former Royal Marines Commmando  and keynote speaker

Phil Ashby is a former Royal Marines Commando officer and an accomplished keynote speaker with inspirational stories to tell. He has the ability to engage with the audience, keeping them interested throughout his presentation.

Phil Ashby is from the West Coast of Scotland and attended Glenalmond College, followed by Cambridge University where he studied Engineering. Phil had joined the Royal Marines not long before his eighteenth birthday and was therefore on an armed forces bursary while at Cambridge University. At the age of twenty-eight, Phil was the youngest officer to be made Major in the British Armed Forces.

Phil's autobiography titled 'Unscathed: Escape from Sierra Leone' was a bestseller. He is often top choice as a speaker for organisations wanting to inject improvements in leadership, teamwork and ultimately improve motivation.

Major Phil Ashby Former Royal Marines Commmando  and keynote speaker

Major Phil Ashby Former Royal Marines Commmando  and keynote speaker

Major Phil Ashby was born in 1970, in Helensburgh, Scotland. He is a former Royal Marines Commando who gained massive recognition after a heroic survival from rebels in the jungles of Sierra Leone. Ashby was deployed to Sierra Leone as a military observer with the UN peacekeeping forces tasked with disarming the rebel fighters from the Revolutionary United Front. The situation became hostile and rebels entered the house where Ashby and two fellow British officers and a New Zealander officer  capturing them and holding them hostage.

After a narrow escape, they sought refuge at the Kenyan army outpost where they helped defend the camp against several days of attacks. Eventually a decision was taken to escape through the jungle. Fighting dehydration and hunger, the men survived close encounters with the enemy and, assisted by local tribesmen, were eventually rescued by the British forces. He was awarded with the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his bravery on return to his homeland.

Phil Ashby is a genuine ‘hero’ who showed the limits of motivation, teamwork, and ability to overcome adversity as he survived in the jungle for seven days without food and water while leading his team’s rescue mission. He  suffered  major paralysis in his legs which to this day still troubles him below the knee.

Having retired from military service Phil Ashby pursues his passion of climbing in the French Alps where he works as a high calibre professional mountain guide. He thrives on his motivation honed throwing his extreme experiences and refers to these as an expert motivational speaker. His life is a story of courage, motivation and resistance. Due to his ability to relate businesses and everyday life to his survival, Phil has gained reputation as an expert speaker on leadership.

Major Phil Ashby Former Royal Marines Commmando and keynote speaker

"Genuinely inspirational, informative about own background but related well to team & leadership issues"

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