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Chris Brindley Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Chris Brindley - A previous winner of 'Britain's Best Boss' is now sharing his secrets.

Chris Brindley is a prominent UK Business Leader and until recently was MD of Metro Bank, which has changed the face of retail banking in the UK. He is a leading authority on Customer Experience, Leading Teams, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Sales Management particularly within organisations where change is on the agenda. 

Chris Brindley has now burst on to the speaker market as a fresh, dynamic, challenging and highly credible speaker. His vast experience and insight of changing cultures within large organisations, private, public and charity, sets him aside from others. Chris Brindley is unique, in that he is a master storyteller. His stories of success, outstanding performance and legacy, stimulate audiences into thinking differently about the road ahead. Chris Brindley also provides powerful, yet simple tools to create confidence and motivation for audiences to take immediate action with long lasting benefits.  

After listening to Chris Brindley, delegates will leave your event feeling energized, empowered and with a new focus on what 'outstanding' really looks and feels like.

He has infectious energy for his subject backed up by a huge depth of knowledge and practical experience. This makes Chris Brindley  a compelling, credible presenter and inspirational speaker. Chris operates high challenge, with high support and conference delegates will leave exhilarated not exhausted

His success is a result of a unique set of experiences. He blends deep academic knowledge, practical hands on experience and has also benefitted from working with Olympic athletes and using sport as one learning model to inspire success within business. Athletes include Olympic medalists Becky Adlington, Beth Tweddle, Steve Smith, Marc Woods and Steve Parry

For Chris Brindley, results are important, but what is more important is the creation of a long term sustainable performance culture that will continue long after Chris has finished working with any organisation or individual. His mission statement captures it all: "Consistently Delivering Outstanding Results and Developing Winners in Life"

Chris Brindley  has worked extensively with academics from leading business schools as well as executives, managers and team leaders within global PLCs, and is also currently working with high profile Olympic medalists who have themselves set up their own businesses. 

Chris Brindley  is a master of turning theory into action, as a skilled practitioner with over 30 years' experience in retail banking latterly as the Managing Director for NatWest North of England & Scotland and was also Business Director and National Sales Director for British Gas. 

Chris Brindley has  achieved many individual and team awards from prestigious bodies including:

National Business Award for Most Outstanding Employer

National Customer Service Award for Outstanding Team

National Sales Award for Most Outstanding Sales Leader

Special recognition award by  the North West IOD for  for his work as an Non-Executive Director at GreaterSport., Total Gymnastics, Total Swimming, The RFL, Rapport, Manchester FA and Becky Adlington Swim Stars.

Chris Brindley  was also recognized for leading teams through significant change management, which saw him become the winner of the much sought after "Britain's Best Boss" Award. 

Recently, Chris has played a major part in establishing Metro Bank, not only as the first high Street Bank in 170 years, but growing the business significantly, through a unique culture amongst colleagues, inspiring them to deliver market leading customer experience with Net Promoter Scores regularly in excess of 80.

Previous clients who have used his services include Waitrose, Sky, Heineken, Allianz, Manchester United, Rugby Football Union, Sport England plus many others

Chris Brindley is also Chair of the charity, GreaterSport, Non Executive Director of the Manchester Football Association and Champion of the Association for Physical Education. 

Key subject areas include

Change Management



Employee Engagement

What it takes to become a top class "Business Athlete"

Performance Management

Sales Management


Delivering an amazing customer experience

Chris Brindley Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Chris Brindley Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Chris Brindley is one of the UK's foremost business leaders. 

Chris Brindley is a Founder of Developing Winners in Life, 

Chris Brindley is a Leadership Coach at Metro Bank  

Chris Brindley is Chair of one of the UK's leading charities, GreaterSport, 

Chris Brindley is an Independent Non-Executive Director of Manchester Football Association.

Chris Brindley  is also in demand as an Executive Coach and Mentor for Business Leaders throughout the UK. He is a renowned keynote speaker on topics, which include, Customer Experience, Leadership, Teamwork, Change Management and Performance Management. 

His sporting background puts him in a unique position to blend sporting high performance techniques and apply them successfully in business. 

Until August 2015, Chris Brindley served as Managing Director of Metro Bank, which opened its doors to the public in 2010 whilst Britain was still in recession and many retail banks had lost customer trust. Since then the bank has grown rapidly and it's already recognised as the top challenger to its highly established, powerhouse competitors. The Metro Bank USP is simple: focus on the customer and deliver unparalleled levels of service & convenience. 

By adopting a true culture of customer-centricity, the bank has differentiated itself from the rest of the market. In under 4 years since Chris Brindley took over as the MD,  he grew the Store network to 36, customer (fans) numbers have grown from 42,00 to almost 600,00, deposits have risen from £95 million to £4.5 BILLION, with lending growth as equally impressive. Service scores are unparalleled. 

Chris Brindley  lead the Bank to achieving awards at the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2015, including Most Trusted Challenger Bank, Best Current Account for Branch Service, and Most Trusted Current Account Provider

Chris Brindley  is not just a theorist, but a skilled and experienced practitioner. He is a leading authority on Sales Management, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement & Satisfaction; particularly within organisations where change is a feature. His strengths include building high performing teams, enhancing productivity through employee engagement and situational leadership

Chris Brindley -  Inspires change through his comprehensive knowledge of the practice of Coaching and Leadership and utilises a Balanced Business scorecard approach to build compelling visions of the future for both organisations and individuals alike.  

His success is a result of a unique set of experiences including working with Olympic athletes and using sport as the inspirational learning model to inspire success within business. 

Chris Brindley has also worked extensively with academics from leading business schools as well as executives, managers and team leaders within global PLCs.

Chris Brindley  is passionate about creating a long term sustainable performance culture that will continue long after he has completed his work with the organisation or individual.

Chris Brindley 's  accolades include Britain's Best Boss, Most Outstanding Workplace at the National Business Awards (judged by IiP), Sales & Marketing Director of the Year (3 consecutive years), Sales Leader of the Year at the National Sales Awards and has just received a nomination for the Lifetime Achievement at the National Customer Service Training Awards. 

Chris Brindley  is an accomplished speaker and is in demand across Europe,  Middle East  and Australia to share his successes.

Key subject areas include

Change Management



Employee Engagement

What it takes to become a top class "Business Athlete"

Performance Management

Sales Management


Delivering  an amazing customer experience

Chris Brindley Inspirational and Motivational speaker

Chris Brindley thank you so much for your inspirational talks yesterday. 

We are so pleased with your output and ability to connect to our mass population of young contact centre colleagues. We feel happy you met our brief and appreciated your collaborative working style.  With over 130 colleagues attending your sessions I can safely say you were a hit. 

Today we ran more sessions about how to think outside the box when it comes to your own growth and learning, I was a facilitator and many of my team were quoting to me your ideas and thought points, demonstrating that you really did hit home. 

Joanne Fishwick Senior Engagement Manager | M&S Bank 

Chris Brindley   Just to a note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday - it was great to feel so much energy in the room - we all came away buzzing. I hope I have the good fortune to cross your path again. 

Tracey Gates   New Business Support Manager at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance PLC

I've worked as a colleague for over 10 years, I've worked as a business rival for over 4 years and have had some of my people benefit from Chris Brindley's inspirational training sessions. What sets Chris Brindley apart is his leadership and personal qualities - he has the uncanny knack of developing superb strategies that are both people centric and beneficial to the bottom line. 

Chris Brindley  has the courage to challenge convention with the energy to over deliver on his commitments he makes. He finds new approaches that you wish you'd thought of yourself but does so with passion and humility. 

Greg Heaton  Divisional Director - South Nationwide Building Society

Chris Brindley

Very many thanks for your wonderful and inspiring session yesterday afternoon.  It was great to meet you and I look forward to the next time!

Your tips and storytelling hit exactly the right spot, resonating with everyone in the room . 

Edward Perry  Director of Operations, Knowsley Safari & Hall

"Chris Brindley,   For me you are the MAN of the YEAR 2015 ! The speech you presented at the MSPA Conference in Riga , in May 2015, was one of the most inspiring I have ever heard. It was not only inspiring but also helped me understand many practical issues in a better way. I am your Fan and also Fan of the formula you presented to us, on how to create FANS, not Customers. I have been sharing it with many people I meet and actually offered the book “FANS not customers” (Metro Bank) to many of my friends and business partners. 

Luis Duarte   "Mystery Shopper Providers Association ( MSPA ) 

Please pass on my regards to Chris Brindley . I found his presentation, both enlightening and inspiring.

A great example of thinking ‘outside’ the box, and not following a pre-agreed doctrine, and thinking more in-line to what the client wants.

I have had 32 years in banking (I am still learning), in both client and institutional facing roles, and in both instances taking a ‘personal’ stance with them won business.   The fundamental thing is about listening to the client, and providing a solution, and not providing a leaflet that only confirms the lack of care that will be afforded to the client. The client is a human being – we are all different.  Every problem is different and requires a bespoke service.

What I do see with Metro Bank’s core values is something that changes the whole way we look at high street banking. It has been re-invented, but also it serves as an inspirational platform for the younger generation to learn from and mature within.

 Lastly it was good to hear that the older generation are needed to guide and nurture the younger generation coming though. I totally agree with this thinking, I am at the stage in my career that it is not about the money or promotion, but more about giving something back to the younger generation, to inspire and give them the chance to lead.  They need to hear that making mistakes happens – we are human, and as one manager said to me 31 years ago, “…it shows that I know you are working….”.  I am still working.

It was a great honour to hear Chris Brindley speak and blow away those banking ideals many are still holding onto. Long may he continue to inspire.

Richard Whiting

Chief Representative  Doha Bank  Nov 2015

Chris Brindley , it was a real pleasure meeting you at The Palace last night, your energy, passion and skill was electric. It's great meeting people who have a shared passion for people and leadership. 

Alyson Fadil HR Director Sofaworks   CIPD November 2015  

Chris Brindley recently gave the 63rd TLC lecture to a select group of members from The Leaders Club at Metro Bank HQ in London and undoubtedly it one of the very best. 

Chris’s topic, understandably was “Metro Bank - Leading the Banking Revolution” and TLC members were keen to understand why Metro Bank was different from the competition.  They soon found out.

Chris Brindley  is the embodiment of proving that you can get a quart into a pint pot as his style, energy and enthusiasm are without equal and I am tempted to believe that Chris could take any subject and entrance his audience with his panache and skill.  He certainly succeeded with our members who ‘bought’ Metro Bank and importantly understood how, with focus, belief and commitment, you can challenge and succeed when the apparent odds are insurmountable.

Stephen Fletcher JP FRSA

Founder and Chief Executive The Leaders Club  Oct 2015

Chris, thanks for your inspirational talk yesterday. I think it will act as a catalyst for moving the business forward, something to refer back to and demonstrate we have started the journey - a long way to go but I like a challenge!

Richard Managing Director Close Brothers Business Finance  October 2015

Chris , Thank you for giving us such a good time! Great wine nibbles and one of the most engaging Interesting and vibrant presentations I have seen in a long time. You are awesome!

Chair of The Executive Network October 2015

Chris,  It was absolutely wonderful to have you with us yesterday.  Thank you for making the time to join us. Your session really has captured the imagination and I have continued to hear people talking about elements of the Metro approach today.

I am very sure this is just the beginning of a great relationship with Waitrose and I am sure you will be hearing from other delegates personally today as well.

Glenn Cox   Manager Service Innovation  Waitrose

October 2015