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 Dr Alison Mowbray Olympic Medallist, PhD in Molecular Microbiology, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Nutritionist  Author and Inspirational Speaker.

Now retired from international rowing, Alison works in businesses and schools to help people of all ages rekindle their enthusiasm, set their goals and achieve their dreams. "I couldn't even make the school sports teams and yet eventually I won an Olympic Medal. I help people see beyond the barriers they put on their own lives and challenge limiting assumptions about those they lead." Alison's continued work with children and scientific background means she brings a unique blend of passion and pragmatism to all her work. Energy and authenticity are words she hears most often in feedback.

Alison's talks help and challenge people to remove both the psychological and physiological barriers that limit their performance. She believes that achieving our dreams and goals is down to skills and processes that can be learnt and the self-belief and commitment to see them through.

Alison has recently published her Autobiography Gold Medal Flapjack. Silver Medal Life which also talk about the "What happens next?" in an athlete's life and brings her story right up to date

 Dr Alison Mowbray Olympic Medallist, PhD in Molecular Microbiology, Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Nutritionist and Inspirational Speaker. 

Dr Alison Mowbray Olympic Medallist, PhD in Molecular Microbiology, Leadership Development Consultant Coach, Nutritionist  Author and Inspirational Speaker.

Now retired from international rowing; Alison works mainly as an Inspirational Speaker and as a Leadership Development Consultant. Alison has recently published her Autobiography ‘Gold Medal Flapjack. Silver Medal Life’ which is getting great reviews for the way it beings rowing and the Olympics alive and the clarity it brings on how to overcome hardship to achieve your goals. Also for how it describes the ten years after rowing, the difficult ‘What happens next?’ in an athlete’s life. Alison also uses her sporting and science background to deliver entertaining talks and interactive workshops on Nutrition and Exercise to corporate and school groups.

"Alison Mowbray is every event organiser's dream of the perfect motivational speaker. She mesmorised the audience and had them on the edge of their seats as she recounted her entertaining and inspirationall Olympic journey" Herts is Ready for Winners Business Breakfast 

An Olympic Silver medalist, Alison Mowbray was on the British Rowing team for seven years and competed in five World Championships and two Olympic Games. But this is not your usual story of sporting excellence since the age of five. A sporting disaster area at school, Alison’s story strikes a chord with everyone who has overcome difficulty to find their place in the world and with those still struggling. How does someone, at the age of 29 set out after their 1st Olympic medal: a four year goal that seems so remote that they don’t even dare tell anyone? How does anyone who has spent their life as a strong individual manage to form part of a perfect team? Find out how and feel inspired to go and make your own dreams happen.

Dropped from the school Netball and Athletics teams Alison Mowbray finally found her sport at the age of 18 when she stepped into a rowing boat for the first time at Liverpool University. Alison kept rowing, with some success, but it was firmly on the back burner for many years while she pursued an academic career. Having gained a PhD from Cambridge University in 1997 and at the age of 26 she finally moved to London to attempt National selection. She made the British rowing team that year and two years later achieved last minute qualification for the Sydney Olympics where she finished 10th in the single sculls. It was not until then, at the age of 29, that an Olympic medal seemed even a possibility. Before the Sydney Games was over Alison had decided she wanted to row for four more years, go to Athens and come back with a medal. 

Balancing part-time teaching with full-time training Alison found the mind-set and skills she had developed to get both her PhD and to get to Sydney crucial over the next four years. In 2004 Alison was selected into the Quad Scull with Rebecca Romero, Frances Houghton and Debbie Flood and they went on to take the silver medal in the Olympic Games that summer. It was a breakthrough year for British Women’s Rowing. It would be eight more years before British Women won those first Olympic Rowing golds at London 2012, but in Athens the whole British Women’s rowing team won medals – two silver and a bronze. This is a story about the development of a system a squad and a team, not just an individual journey. 

Alison has since retired from international competition but is by no means sedentary. She has learnt to dive, sail, windsurf and dance Argentine tango, cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats and many 100 mile cycle sportives, competed in 11 marathons and 2 Ironman triathlons, hiked hundreds of miles and climbed dozens of mountains here and abroad. Having come late into sport herself she believes passionately in the ability of sport and activity to transform and maintain our lives and uses her own experiences to inspire others. Alison runs a Facebook site called Alison Mowbray Feeling-Inspired which brings together people already living or wanting to live healthier, active and inspired lives to share stories, information and top tips. For Alison, it’s no longer about elite sport and winning medals but just the sheer pleasure of being active, competing, feeling healthy and helping others to do the same.

She believes that achieving your dreams and ambitions is due to goal setting, self-believe and transferable skills that can be learnt. A theory she put into practice in Channel 4’s ‘Dangerous Jobs for Girls’ when she was one of three women to successfully take the guys on at their own game and ‘man’ a commercial fishing trawler in the South Australian Ocean. It’s also how she wrote and published her first book. These ideas are clearly introduced in her talks in the form of the memorable quotes and mantras that have helped Alison achieve all she has in life.

Alison was born in Derby but grew up in Richmond, North Yorkshire where she still maintains close links. The people of Richmond were so proud of her sporting achievements that they named a new road ‘Olympic way’ and an office suite on it ‘Mowbray House’. Alison’s rowing career has taken her to Bedford, Cambridge, London, Henley-on-Thames and Marlow until about five years ago she followed another life-time ambition and moved to live by the sea. Alison now lives just a few minutes from fabulous cliff top runs and sea swimming in Newhaven, East Sussex.

Dr Alison Mowbray Motivational Speaker

Alison Mowbray , I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of the RDP team for all your support and hard work last week. The induction day was a fantastic success and an exceptionally well received by our attendees.

As the first step on their PhD journey we really try to give them a flavour of the challenging and exciting journey they have ahead of them, and your presentation did just that. From our preliminary overview of our evaluations we have received extremely positive feedback on your session, the participants (and I!) found it incredibly interesting and engaging. We have also received feedback from our other speakers on the day who expressed their pleasure at hearing your talk, and the way in which you were able to link it through to the PhD journey.

We feel very lucky to have had you present our students with such a diverse and exciting life out with and around your PhD, and your talk was a perfect way to motivate and inspire our new student cohort. I am positive it will have left them with many things to think about, both in their PhD and in the other areas of their lives, and generated a lot of discussion on the day. We were delighted to have had you as a part of our induction, and hope we can host you again at some point in the future

Research and Knowledge Exchange Services  University of Strathclyde Oct 2015

Alison Mowbray visited us to speak to our More Able GCSE students and their parents in order to raise the aspirations of our higher achieving students. Alison’s enthusiasm and engagement with the audience was excellent, and her story was captivating for both students and adults. The key messages that success is a product of hard work, and that education provides lifelong opportunities were ones that resonated with our students, alongside the idea that no matter what setbacks occur success can still be achieved with motivation and determination. Best speaker we have ever had!

Selby High School Oct 2015

Dr Alison Mowbray was the perfect speaker for my event - an Olympic medalist, a scientist and a science teacher - what a combination! She was open, honest and passionate when she spoke - which captured the audience. 

2015 L’Oréal UNESCO For Women in Science Launch

Today I have been in a meeting where we had a motivational speaker, Alison Mowbray. I have seen many motivational speakers in my career (especially with the larger life companies) and I must admit she is one of, if not the best I have ever seen. She was funny and lively with a great story to tell which was around how she became a success after what appeared to be one disappointment after another.
Lisa Williams, Axa-Sunlife Development Manager (Axa Conference)

I just wanted to send you my appreciation for taking the time to come and talk to us about your personal journey to the Olympics. You were so inspirational and moved me close to tears on several intervals. I sincerely hope you realise just how much of an impact you have on people when you relay your story as it should give you a great sense of achievement. You should be so proud - not only of what you have, but also of what you continue to accomplish through your open sharing with others. I cannot even begin to describe just how I have benefited from listening to you from both a personal and business prospective. Your ears should have been burning today as you have been a main topic of my conversation with people today, Thank you so much. Margaret Lewis: Human Resources Advisor NHS Supply Chain

Despite being asked to speak at very short notice, Alison was thoroughly prepared, presented very well and used her experience to illustrate points she was asked to make. She was very positively received by her audience of MPs, Peers, media and colleagues from the world of sport. She is open and friendly and showed endless patience having photographs taken and allowing the audience to see her Olympic medal. The CCPR would highly recommend Alison to speak at any event.
Margaret Talbot: Chief Executive CCPR

It was fantastic to watch Alison with the kids and see the way they responded to her.
Barry Gardiner MP: Launch of the ‘Move It’ project for more sport in school.

I'm still using the nutritional information which we learnt - as improving my diet has made a large different to my energy and levels but also my moods! By eating the correct food, I now have energy to do more things in the evenings and I feel also more motivated and productive at work. Dan Lewi: Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank

Alison's enthusiasm and knowledge was just what I needed to help me make the first steps onto a healthy eating and exercise regime. Within a short space of time I was already feeling the benefit - an increase in energy and more focused and motivated in several areas of my life.
Richard Hunt: Nestle UK

Alison has spoken at many of our executive conferences and senior team building events. Each time she has exceeded our expectations and energized the senior teams of key clients including Colt Telecom, Daler-Rowley and EDS. What they liked most was her attitude, sense of humour, personal touch when addressing a large audience and the perception that she is very approachable despite her prestigious sporting achievements and busy speaking life. Christian Mallissard, Eagle Performance Ltd

I have had the pleasure of being present in the audience on two occasions when Alison has been the guest speaker. On each occasion she has spoken confidently and effectively to an audience of 400. She engaged both the young adults and their parents with her level of language, personal style and motivating content. Alison is an eminently inspirational presenter; she conveys the sense of personal control and purpose which has enabled her to become a successful athlete in a way which is relevant to all individuals in her audience. She translates her own successes in rowing into a guide for success in life for all. Her own passion and motivation present a strong model which is all the more effective because she relates so well to our current experiences. She leaves a lasting and uplifting impression on all who are privileged to hear her. I am pleased to recommend Alison to you for your next event. Malcolm Churchill: Teacher, Wycombe High School