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Chris_Holmes_speakerChris Holmes a truly inspirational Paralympic champion and Director of Integration for the most successful Paralympics in history.  Highly principled, a gifted leader and recently appointed to the House of Lords.

Chris Holmes is the man who led the London 2012 Paralympic Games team to stage, in the words of the IPC President, "The greatest Paralympic Games ever."  He took the games to a global scale, the first games to achieve worldwide television audiences in the hundreds of millions, the first games to have all the Olympic sponsors also signed to the Paralympics and the first games to sell out all the stadia for every session.

Chris Holmes has recently been appointed as a Conservative Peer and sits in the House of Lords as Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE


Chris Holmes a truly Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Chris Holmes was a speaker at our Inspiring Success conference that we held for all of the staff of our Edwin Jones Trust.  He was an amazing speaker and it was interesting, amusing, moving and inspiring to hear about his life and of the awesome things he has managed to achieve.  He certainly gave me food for thought regarding how important it is to believe that if you want to achieve something bad enough you must keep going; then anything is possible.  A truly inspirational and motivational speaker.

The Edwin Jones Trust Education Conference  2015

Chris Holmes was engaging, charismatic, funny and had our audience hooked with his amazing and powerful personal story. But his real skill as a speaker was to weave into his own narrative the important themes in our business and to make his story engaging to the 30+ different cultures and nationalities in our audience. He was an exceptional, humbling and inspiring speaker that we would enthusiastically recommend.

Kimberly Clarke  May 2014 Lisbon