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Riding the Wave

28 Feb 2017

'Riding the Wave!'

An extraordinary story of leadership and achievement from military to man-made surf paradise 

Steve Davies has had a lifetime of experiences operating in complex and challenging environments.  He has held senior positions in the private and third sectors, and in the military, and has an incredible record of achievement in each.

Steve's is a story rich in its content and laden with key messages to benefit a corporate audience. His style is calm, assured and very entertaining but his messages are compelling and will help to drive business performance. An experienced high level international negotiator.

Steve Davies  is a leading authority on the topics of leadership, diversity, high pressure negotiation and driving through complex challenges to successful completion.

An extraordinary life journey of leadership, adventure and achievement

Steve Davies is no ordinary platform speaker. He is a man of action.

Steve Davies has had a life experience of thinking big, thinking fast, and making his own luck.

Steve Davies is a man of many parts. He is a highly decorated military man, a renowned start up entrepreneur, and a story teller par excellence.

Steve Davies understands pressure, precision of thought and true accountability – his decisions impacted on the survival of Battalion lives.

Steve Davies is very much a man who has been on the front line. His experiences and insight into the DNA of the military is fascinating and he explains how the corporate world can benefit from adopting some of these techniques and strategies

To Ride the Wave with  Steve Davies  call Helen on 01245 328303  or email helen@inspiredexchange.co.uk

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